Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Nespresso: Delivering Quality in Every Machine

I've been fortunate to be able to work closely with Nespresso over the past few months.  Ive had the opportunity to try out their different coffees, delve into their company, their processes, and, their machines.  The Nespresso collection of machines are all incredibly unique and yet they are all incredibly similar.  This is the piece of Nespresso that has won me over more than anything else- their dedication to quality.

The Nespresso line of machines range in style and price.  Each one has unique features in their design that differ them from each other, however, no matter what price point you look at, and what features you elect to have, the inner workings of every Nespresso machine are the same.  Every machine is equipped to heat water to the perfect espresso temperature in 60 seconds or less.  Every machine has 19 bars of pressure that push the coffee through its system at the exact right speed to deliver a piping hot cup of espresso with that wonderful crema on top.  So no matter what machine you buy from Nespresso, each one will deliver the perfect cup- time and time again without variations based on price.

So what are the variations out there?  Nespresso has varied their machines to fit any style of home, from cramped city apartments (a demographic I am all too familiar with) to kitchens with ample counter space.  Their smallest machine, the Pixie rings in at just 4 inches across and 9 inches in height, while their largest, the Gran Maestria is just over 12 inches across and 12 inches tall.  So what is included to make these different?  There are machines that will produce a simple and consistent cup of espresso or lungo each time and that is their simple purpose.  Then there are machines that will steam milk all in the machine, ones that have a milk steaming wand to be used at the clients discretion, ones that have cup warmers and built in aeroccino frothers.  There is a beautifully designed and expertly engineered machine for every person, and every budget.

I've had the opportunity to check out some other brands as well, and I have to say, I haven't found another line of machines that combine precision into every machine and not just their top of the line pieces.  Nespresso guarantees that every machine at every level will deliver the same perfect cup- and honestly I'm not sure we can ask for more than that.  

The only real decision that we're faced with then, is which of their coffees is our favorite.  I'm struggling with that one....

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