Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Harbor Sweets, Salem, MA

You know what I'll never turn down?  A good piece of chocolate.  Now, Im not one of those chocolate freaks who will eat any old piece of chocolate.  I love the cocoa bean, but if your chocolate is full of wax or watered down with milk, I'll leave it right where it sits.  Chocolate however that is deep, rich and dark, chocolate that tinged with natural bitterness, chocolate that can satisfy my craving in just a few bites- that's what I'm searching for. So when I was contacted by Harbor Sweets, a chocolate maker in Salem, MA  who is celebrating their 40th anniversary this year, I was excited to check them out! 

I had the extreme delight of being introduced to Harbor Sweets first new
product line since 2001.  This much anticipated launch encapsulates Salem so well- called Salt and Ayre.  It is the company's first truffle line and they are kicking things off on the right foot with a Chai, a Cafe Au Lait, a Toasted Hazelnut and an Espresso truffle each decadent interior encapsulated in rich dark chocolate.  They pair these with three confections all topped with delicious sea salt- Caramel with Himalayan Sea Salt, Crystallized Ginger topped with a Thai ginger sea salt and Almond Buttercrunch with a sprinkle of Chipotle Sea Salt.  

The flavors of the truffles were spot on, the Chai was warm and nurturing like a hot cup chai should be.  The Cafe Au Lait was perfect for a coffee lover like me, and the Espresso gave me just the boost I wanted.  I loved the salt topped confections even more.  Combining savory salt with the deep chocolate twists and turns the flavors enhancing both the sweet and bitter.  Love at first bite.

These treats are available for sale at their store at 85 Leavitt Street in Salem or online at http://www.harborsweets.com  

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benneville said...

I tried the new Salt&Ayre chocolates at Harbor Sweets and they are fantastic!

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