Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The Kensington, Theatre District, Boston

A brand new apartment building has opened in the heart of downtown Boston, and is taking luxury city living to new heights.  Located just steps from the Common, Downtown Crossing, Chinatown and the Theatre District, The Kensington is offering their residents the ultimate in location, but their amenities stretch far beyond just their physical space.

I had the opportunity to join into the opening festivities a few days ago, and
found that as soon as I entered the building, my mood calmed, as my surroundings changed from the hub bub of the city, to a peaceful, spacious entry space.   As I wandered to the elevators to begin my exploration of the common areas and a few sample floor plans, I found the mail room, complete with a TV panel tracking resident packages, T schedules, the weather, and ticket prices for events in the area.  Conveniently located to be seen as residents leave the building, this information is definitely a helpful tidbit.

I started my tour on the 6th floor, where the common areas for the building are housed.  The Kensington houses multiple function spaces, each with their own unique feel.  There is a conference room for those days where residents can leverage their home to host colleagues or simply escape to a quiet space to work on a presentation or hold a conference call.  Beyond the work spaces there are multiple social spots.  Intimate rooms outfitted with comfy lounge furniture, as well large spaces for big groups complete with a pool table.  And then there's the patio on the 6th floor...the patio that that includes a gorgeous pool with plenty of sunning seating around it.  Beautiful views of the city abound as residents can splash their cares away.

Of course if you want a harder work out, the
6th floor also contains a full gym, with studio space for classes.  I have toured a fair amount of residential gym spaces, and hotel gyms, and I'm a pretty picky gym user over all, I can very honestly say that this was a great gym space.  A variety of equipment, and a host of both free weights and kettle bells made this a place where a very complete work out could take place. 

I rode up to the 23rd floor to check out the model units that were open for touring.  Every unit I toured was impressive.  Beautiful floors, kitchens with appliances a cook like me swooned over, ample space for entertaining, washers and dryers in every unit and big closets.  The most impressive however that I saw was the studio.  Now I've lived in a studio and hated every minute of it.  With my bed on display from every spot of the apartment it made me shy to entertain.  The Kensington however eradicated this problem completely.  Here the studios have a bed space all it's own.  Four walls and a pocket door separate
the space from the rest of the unit, however the walls are partial which allows light to enter the bed space creating an open and airy feel.  Oh, and the bed space can fit a king bed with room to spare and has a closet.  Doesn't really seem too "studio" like to me. 

I walked into The Kensington expecting to be underwhelmed.  I've been to other luxury apartment buildings in the area and they've seemed cold, and cookie cutter.  However, The Kensington I could move into immediately.  It seemed that they have thought of everything from jumbo size washing machines on every floor to a guest sweet for those overnight guests you want staying closer to you than a hotel but not too close. ;-).  If you're in the market for a new pad-definitely check out The Kensington.  Beautiful spaces, gorgeous views and great amenities. 

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