Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Grill 23, Back Bay, Boston

Some days you just have to go for it.  You throw the diets, the what ifs, the logic out the window and you just go for it.  In the world of food this happens when you're sitting for lunch at one of the reknownd steakhouses in the city.  The thoughts of "light lunch", "healthy options" and "maybe just a salad" jump out the window when there in front of you is the option for Grill 23's 100 Day Aged Prime Ribeye.

A glass of sparkling Prosecco sat in front of me, a gorgeous greens salad topped with Rawson Brook Chèvre and a red wine vinaigrette beneath my fork, but all I could think about was the 18 oz that would be delivered to my table.  Finally, the steak arrived.  Set before me, simply adorned with sautéed onions, the flourish reserved for the sides of red beets dressed with horseradish, honey and dill, truffled tater tots and, of course, roasted mushrooms with cognac and beef butter.  It was, by all measures, a feast.

Aging beef does amazing things for the end product, and Grill 23's was no exception.  Tender and with beautifully concentrated flavors, this aged ribeye had gorgeous marbling adding to its deep flavor.  To say it was cooked perfectly is almost a given.  A crisp sear to the outside yielding to a wonderful medium rare interior.  A hint of salt pulled it all together into
one of the best steaks I've had.

Now I often find that the side dishes at steakhouses are destined for mediocrity.  I've found them to often be an after thought, and not usually worth their caloric content.  Grill 23 had a long list of options to accompany their steaks, but I have to say we chose the best ones.
 The beets, bright and fresh with their acidic horseradish and dill, the fried tater tots brought into earthy depths with truffle oil, and the roasted mushrooms with sweet cognac.  Each one hit a different flavor profile and together supported the steak without playing just that limited role.  

Grill 23 is continuing to
provide quality.  Their staff is spot on, their wine list inclusive and their steaks are exactly what you want.  It's as simple as that.

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mattmanne said...

WOW - this should be an ad for Grill 23. I wasn't hungry before reading this, but the description made my mouth water. After reading this, I'm definitely going to plan an extravagant night out to Grill 23 in the future.

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