Friday, May 1, 2015

Chestnut Hill Square- Spend a Day and Have a Ball!

The city of Boston is great, you will never hear me say anything to the contrary- but I get it, if you don't live within the city limits it can be challenging to get into.  Parking is tough to find and can be expensive.  The T isn't always up to can be a bother.  I understand.  Until recently though, it was the best option to spend a day- the shopping, the activities, the food...oh the food.  However, in just the past year and a half or so the little village of Chestnut Hill has been emerging as a perfect alternative.  

The Chestnut Hill Square is jam packed with everything needed for a full day of fun.  Start off the day with something to energize you- a hard core work out at Equinox, or a total sweat session at SoulCycle will bring out all of your best and prepare you to face the rest of your day head on.

Once you've gotten your energized from your work out, re load with a nutritious breakfast sandwich from Panera.  Panera produces good, clean, easy breakfasts
packed with protein rich eggs and cheese which are the perfect food to feast on after a tough work out.  

After breakfast- get to shopping!!  The Chestnut Hill Square is chock full of tons of awesome stores like Francesca's which houses super cute clothes, accessories and even great decorative items for the home at great prices.  Anthropologie picks up the lux a bit offering higher end clothing and housing accessories.  This store places an emphasis on boho chic and their home decorations are my personal favorite.  I always joke about wanting to just move
into the store. 

Of course maybe after that great work out that you had, you're looking to refresh your work out gear.  Have no fear- Chestnut Hill Square has both Athleta and TrueRunner to keep your fashions as tight as your abs.  

All of this shopping may make you a bit hungry though- there are solutions for that as well!  Whether you're looking for something decadent or health conscious there are options for all.  Cupcakes from Sweet, Italian fare at Brio, health conscious fresh dishes at Seasons 52 or hearty steaks at Capital Grill.  Whatever your craving is- it will be satisfied at the Square.

While I was buzzing around the Square
with their team, I was treated to a fantastic dinner at Capital Grill.  They are, of course, known for their delicious carnivorous steaks, but they have so much more than that and in fact have just launched a full burger menu.  They are serving up Wagyu beef all ground up and grilled to perfection with an incredible list of topping- think Gorgonzola Cheese and Truffles or wild mushrooms with an aged balsamic drizzle.  It was a tough choice but I settled in on their Wagyu burger topped with fried onions and that oh so decadent fried egg.  You know- the thing I struggle most with when I order a burger is what temperature to order it at.  Medium rare, rare- both have a place in my heart, Capital Grill didn't make me choose.  They offered up a Rare Plus- a mid point between the two which completely made my day.  As fantastic as the burger was- and believe me- it was amazing- Capital Grill shines with their service and attention to detail.  Their staff can provide countless facts and information on the menu and their ingredients, and they can do so with a smile and a funny story.  They work to ensure that every need of their guest is met whether it be a refill on water, or an explanation of the wine list, or a joke for a smile.  Capital Grill has always been a great celebration spot, but with their new burger menu- its a great anytime spot as well!

The Chestnut Hill Square packs a full day of fun, shopping and dining, all with a big parking lot making it a fantastic spot to visit with in city options and full on convenience.  If you haven't checked it out yet, you should- ASAP!    

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