Monday, May 18, 2015

Under Fire, Back Bay, Boston

Let's say you're wandering around the Back Bay.  You've explored, you've shopped and now you're ready to drop....unless, of course, you get a little sustenance.  Opening just a few weeks ago is a brand new spot that's offering a bright new fantastic option to make sure you're ready to take on the rest of the stores.  

Now, lets be clear, this isn't your average pub grub.  Under Fire, opened in the downstairs bar area of Fire and Ice, is bringing its diners fun, easy and delicious foods at bargain prices for the area.  Their menu is full of finger foods- a burger bar, fantastic tacos and delicacies known as BLT sliders.  I had the opportunity to attend a media function there recently and loved every bite.

Let's start with those BLT sliders.  Delicate rolls, stuffed with juicy tomatoes, crisp lettuce, a slather of mayo and...pork belly.  Under Fire isn't using regular old thin strips of bacon here.  No, their pork belly is thick, rich and full of that perfect smoky flavor meaning it's not getting lost in this sandwich.  Every bite yields a full helping of each ingredient making it the perfect sandwich.

The tacos are what really stole the show however!  I loved how they are putting a unique twist on the standard format of tacos.  How about the Pollo Pesto which combines grilled chicken with a sunflower pesto, tomatoes, fresh basil and that awesome salty deliciousness of Queso Fresco.  This was a great unique twist on your average taco borrowing influence from Italy and combining big leaves of fresh basil with that queso fresco that we all have been gifted from Mexico.  Or check out The Club which brings that amazing pork belly to center stage again and combines it with fire grilled chicken, guacamole that they are making fresh in house and a jalapeno garlic aioli.  

Their burger bar is chock full of interesting toppings and additions such as peach bourbon BBQ sauce, red cabbage slaw, or pulled pork.  And this burger bar isn't just beef burgers, turkey and veggie are also options.

Under Fire is a fantastic addition to the Back Bay.  They have fun cocktails, a friendly staff and a menu designed to make sure you're noshing on only delicious items.  

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