Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Farmavore, Lunch Delivered to Your Office

It’s lunchtime, you’re stuck in the office, and all you really want, even more than that 3rd cup of coffee, is for someone, some angel, to deliver a healthy and delicious lunch.  Deliver it to your office, immediately.   Well that is no longer just a dream my friends, that is reality.

The folks behind Farmavore had this idea- that lunch should be a mid day meal that would give you energy to push through the rest of your day, it should give provide you with nutrients but not make you groggy, it should be delicious and filling.  Sounds like a pretty great idea right?   So they set to work creating a concept of delivering farm fresh meals to your place of work, each one designed by chefs to and approved by dietitians to ensure that you are getting not only delicious food, but useful food. 

I had the extreme pleasure of receiving two of their meals at my home office and man- they did not over promise.  I was treated to lamb burger, served with a fresh arugula salad and a delicious hunk of focaccia bread, and a wonderfully flavorful pork loin paired with a sweet potato hash.  The burger was simply enhanced- salt and pepper to the meat and then topped with roasted red peppers and black olives- the Mediterranean pairing that you would anticipate for lamb.  Simple flavors, but wonderfully prepared- exactly what you would want if you were sitting on a beach in Greece, or in your cubicle.  The focaccia had just enough chew to it, and just enough of those crisp places where the olive oil it was baked with pooled just a bit- enough to be fun but not so much to incite guilt.  The arugula salad, with feta cheese and tomatoes was the perfect light addition- providing a good dose of greens. 

Now the pork was absolutely delicious.  Pork loin isn’t easy and is so often over cooked to dry nothingness.  It loses all of its natural decadence and instead is lifeless and, sometimes, just bad.  Farmavore didn’t let that happen.  Their pork was tender and well seasoned.  It showed pride in the meat with just a little gravy topping it- allowing the true beauty of the pig shine forth.  Green beans served along side were fresh and crisp- nothing fancy just good and clean.  I loved the sweet potato hash here too- big chunks of the peeled potatoes, sauteed with melted leeks- it felt decadent but I knew it was just a wonderful  pairing.

Farmavore is delivering what it promises.  Their meals are fresh, delicious and health conscious.  They are ample in size but not comatose inspiring.  Their meals are exactly what lunch should be.  

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great service!

How much do they charge? (I doubt they've expanded to Quincy, MA - where my office is, but I'll watch for it.)

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