Monday, July 6, 2015

The Spring House Hotel, Block Island, Rhode Island

The snow piles have finally faded.  There are no more icicles hanging treacherously from every awning. The birds are chirping, the sun is shining and it is time to relish every single second of this summer.  So how's this- I have the PERFECT spot to do exactly that- Block Island!  

Located just off the mainland in Rhode Island, Block Island is 9 miles of complete heaven.  Chock full of bike rentals, mopeds, ice cream stands, beaches, hiking trails, kayaks and everything else that screams summer.  Recently I was invited out to the island to experience the island's oldest hotel- The Spring House.  

Built in 1852, The Spring House Hotel sits overlooking the ocean just outside
the busy town center and just a short walk from where the Ferry docks.  Honestly, I can't think of a better place to stay.  The hotel itself combines rustic historical features with all of the new amenities that one may desire during their beach retreat.  Antiques fill the common areas, throwbacks to the times when ball rooms were used for balls, and horse and carriages filled the large driveway, but the rooms are outfitted
with flat screen tv's and updated bathrooms.  My room, set on a corner with
views of the ocean close enough to hear the waves, was my respite.  Hours of naps and the most delicious night sleep that I've had in months were spent there.  

A great place for rest isn't all that The Spring House offers however, though I
personally think it would be great if it was.  A lively pub sits on the first floor of the hotel, a place used for decades for visitors and residents a like to gather, take in a pint or a glass of wine and dinner.  The expansive wrap around porch, with gorgeous views of the ocean, features it's own bar and menu for those who want to relish every single second of that sweet island life.

The grounds also contain multiple gardens where the majority of the produce used in
the Spring House restaurant, and, my favorite piece, the cafe and juice bar named The Phone Booth Cafe. Every day the friendly staff will combine their unbelievably fresh produce into juices to help their guests start their days off on the very best foot.

Over the next few days Ill take you on a tour of the rest of The Spring House's food (which is incredible) as well as the rest of Block Island, but first let me say this:  The Spring House Shines. It shines for its service, it shines for it's location and it shines for its amenities. It is the perfect combination of bowing to it's own history and forging into the future.  

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