Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Coolidge Corner Clubhouse- the Best Spot to Watch the Game?

Boston is a magical place.  It is a place of fine art, theatre, scholastic endeavors, and culinary prowess.  Boston is also home to some of the greatest sports team around (no I don't care if the Sox didn't make it to the playoffs this year, or the Pats suffered a crushing defeat a few weeks ago).  The beauty there?  We also have some pretty kicka..tail sports bars.  You know the kind- the ones with TVs everywhere so you can watch every game imaginable, the ones with great finger foods (because who wants to fiddle with a fork and knife when critical free throws are happening?) and has a ridiculous selection of beers on tap to satisfy any hankering.  My favorite spot for game day fun?  The Coolidge Corner Clubhouse.

The Triple C's, as it is lovingly referred to, isn't a destination for fine dining.  They are not breaking any rules with their cuisine or pushing any limits.  They are, however, offering an enormous amount of options to choose from, and even bigger platters of food.  Favorites for A Boston Food Diary?  

  • Nachos at the Clubhouse are enormous, but really well done.  Good amounts of cheese, salsa, sour cream...unless you're dining with a group of 10, I suggest the half size- they are still a monster.
  • Buffalo Chicken Dip- served with multi colored tortilla chips this dip is the perfect combination of spicy chicken mixed with decadent and tangy blue cheese.  One of the most addictive appetizers I've had- perfect for mindless game watching.
  • Pretzel Basket- large soft pretzels sprinkled with large grains of salt are warm, doughy and delicious- especially when paired with their horseradish sauce (ask for it- you won't be disappointed).
  •  Wraps- the Clubhouse has a wide selection of wraps, utilizing interesting types, and all different kinds of fillings.  Options range from cold cut meats (turkey, roast beef) to chicken breast, and steak, and are all combined with assortments of vegetables cheese and condiments.  My favorites include the steak with horseradish, and roast beef with boursin cheese.
  • Hamburgers and Sandwiches: Triple C's has FAR too many to list, and indulged in quite a few.  All are named after sports celebrities, and include little quips about the athlete.  Seriously- just read through them- delicious and amusing.
  • Sides.  We are all used to being served a half a plate full of fries whenever we order a burger or a sandwich.  This is actually a pet peeve of mine.  I like fries- but I don't always want to eat them-at the CCC you have options!  Curly fries are abundantly served, but also offered sweet potato fries, coleslaw, and my favorite- corn and black bean salad!  Free of any dressing, cheese or anything cream based, this salad is comprised of corn kernels, black beans, a tiny bit of cilantro and some bell pepper.  It's incredibly simple, but it is completely tasty and makes for a really nice option- esp after indulging in some buffalo chicken dip. 
The Clubhouse is the perfect spot to watch a game- or many games.  It's the place to sit back, relax, enjoy a pint or three, and indulge in some good sports themed food. 

Next time you're in Brookline- check it out- just please don't take my seat at the bar!


Anonymous said...

I love the CCC for their beer selection! Their menu is so huge though!!

Kristen said...

Such a great spot! I remember loving their wraps.

Aimee said...

you just made me realize that during the many times i have been here, i have NEVER sat at the bar. guess i wasn't with the right people!

it's not too late! so glad i now have reasons to go back to bline!

Nancy said...

Fiona! I have been to the Coolidge Corner Clubhouse several times while visiting the Small Boston Kitchen. I totally agree with you! The excitement there is contagious during a game! Love it!! Thanks!!

Meesh said...

agreed! the coolidge corner clubhouse is a great spot for game watching. They also have a great brunch (for when the wait for zaftigs gets out of hand)

Jen said...

We love Triple C's too. I have to agree that the pretzels are one of my favorite things to get there.

Unknown said...

As someone who's spent countless hours belly up at the CCC bar, I completely agree with this post! In addition to the great food, beer and sports watching, don't forget the Keno and of course the wonderful staff. The CCC is exactly what you'd want in a neighborhood bar where everyone knows your name. I'm suddenly in the mood for the "Tom Brady" chicken sandwich...

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