Monday, February 21, 2011

Event Alert: Mothers Day in March!

Over the past year and a half or so we have heard about the incredible long range benefits of local food. The support of local agriculture, the reduction of ill effects on the environment, and of course the health and flavor benefits have been touted both here in this blog, by the First Lady, and by food professionals all over the country. It has become almost chic to "eat local", but we shouldn't allow the idea that it is a current "trend" influence us away from recognizing not only the benefits of local foods, but also the extreme amount of work that goes into it's production. Agriculture is one of the most grueling industries, especially here in the North East where are winters, including this one, can be so brutal. Because of this, there is no doubt that the resources for local produce are somewhat limited and need to be protected. Therefore, when news that a local woman's greenhouse, housing a livelihood of potted plants, was ruined by the weight of the extreme snow of this winter, it isn't surprising that the food community of Boston is jumping to help. Of course it doesn't hurt that the owner of the greenhouse is none other than the mother of beloved Boston chef, Will Gilson. Gilson is the executive chef at Garden at the Cellar, and is the responsible party for bringing Boston into the Pop Up Restaurant craze sweeping the nation. Gilson has also started a blog which has outlined the complete devastation and ramifications of the destruction found here.

As one of the leaders of the local food movement here in Boston, Gilson is asking for your help to assist his mother get her feet back on the ground before her busy season begins, and all is lost.

The chefs of Boston are coming together to put together an event to raise funds to help the Gilson family. On March 5 a dinner will be held at the Boston Center for Adult Education celebrating the moms of the Boston scene, with each chef contributing a dish of their own mothers, served family style.

Tickets range in price and information can be found here. Gilson and team are still looking for volunteers for the evening, as well as donations for the auction to be held. Information to get in touch with him can be found on his blog listed above.

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Delicious Dishings said...

I just heard about this... definitely a good cause.

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