Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Event Alert: A Spoonful of Ginger Fundraiser for the Asian American Diabetes Institute

If there is one thing more impressive in Boston our food, it is the incredible hospitals and medical staff that we are so blessed to have within our area.  Bostonians have access to some of the most incredible facilities, brilliant minds, and groundbreaking medical techniques the world over. Whether we sprain an ankle, or are facing something much more difficult, we are in close proximity to some of the best care imaginable.  We are incredibly lucky.

One of those amazing facilities located within the Boston city limits is the Joslin Diabetes Center.  Each day they seek to better understand Diabetes, explore preventative methods, research treatments, and educate on the dangers and warning signs.  While stories concerning Diabetes linked to childhood obesity have come to the forefront recently, the Asian American community is suffering a rapid rise of primarily type 2 Diabetes as well. It has been found that approximately 10% of all Asian Americans has been diagnosed with Diabetes.  Responding to this increase, the Joslin Diabetes Center founded the Asian American Diabetes Initiative in 2000. 

The goals of the AADI, as referenced on their website, are:

"* Study diabetes in the Asian American population and disseminate Joslin’s research findings to health care providers and Asian American communities.
* Provide diabetes education through innovative and culturally appropriate materials and outreach programs

* Design and implement clinical treatment programs for Asian Americans

* Collaborate with local, national and international organizations to raise diabetes awareness

* Incorporate diverse community voices to promote health equity"

For over ten years now the AADI has been dedicated to assisting with the prevention and the treatment of this disease, but they do need your help to continue their work.

March 28, 2011 the AADI is hosting a food tasting fundraiser.  The fundraise, named "A Spoonful of Ginger" will bring together some of Boston's best chefs, including Ming Tsai, Jose Duarte, Joanne Chang, Wesley Chen and Jasper White among others, and will be held in one of Boston's greatest gemstones- the brand new Art of the Americas at the MFA.  The event, which will honor Dick & Deb Carlson, Eugene & Lai Wong, and Boston Chef Joanne Chang, will begin at 6:30 pm and wrap up at 9:30 pm.  Tickets for this incredible event are $250.  These are available for purchase at  www.events.joslin.org/ginger, or 617-309-2531.

All proceeds from the event will benefit the AADI.         


Emily @ A Cambridge Story said...

As a public health researcher who has done work with diabetes, I'm so glad you wrote this. If the tickets weren't $250, I'd be there. Thanks for bringing awareness to this issue!

Boston Food Diary said...

It is a really important topic. Im so glad that they have created what should be an incredible event to bring awareness and to raise money for it. I agree with you- $250 is steep- but definitely money well spent :-)

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