Friday, March 4, 2011

The Cheese Boy, South Station, Boston

It is a typical scene- a bit past noon on a work day, a friday no less, and the people of Boston are hungry. Of course there is an air of excitement present, but those two days of freedom still seem very far away, and the work week gloom still hangs in the air like a fog. However there, in the middle of South Station, as Financial District workers and weary travelers buzz around looking for the perfect lunch time meal, there is the proverbial ray of sunshine. Brightly adorned in yellow and orange, stands The Cheese Boy.

The Cheese Boy opened last fall offering the ultimate comfort food to keep the otherwise overworked smiling-grilled cheese. Honestly, as far as comfort foods go-is there anything more uplifting? With every bite, as gooey cheese strings forth from between toasty bread, images of childhood, and cold rainy days emerge. The Cheese Boy is a grand facilitator of these very pictures.

Allowing their customers to choose their bread, type of cheese, and any veggie and/or meat additions, the options seem limitless in recreating your childhood classic, or making a new tradition. My first visit to The Cheese Boy I chose to head along their "healthy" route and selected their Healthy Melt described as multigrain bread with light Swiss cheese and I added spinach to my order. I also decided to get a small cup of tomato soup to go along with it.

Unfortunately for me, I wasn't able to sit right down and dig into my grilled cheese, so it had become slightly cold and of course, not optimal. That said, it was a delicious grilled cheese. The out side of the bread had been lightly buttered with a salted butter, and the inside was stuffed with wonderfully nutty Swiss cheese, stringy and gooey, and fresh baby spinach leaves. While there was a bit more grease than I had hoped for, I appreciated the addition of salt as it really brought out the flavors contained.

The soup, still perfectly warm and delicious for sipping straight from the little container, was thinner than anticipated, but rich with tomato. It was the perfect consistency for dipping grilled cheese and enjoying the way you are supposed to.

The Cheese Boy provides a wonderful escape for the lunch time crowd. Their food is quickly made, but made with precision, each item made to order, and efficiently put together. As tasty as their grilled cheeses are, it is the incredibly sunny dispositions of the worker that really pushes them to the top of the list. Each customer is given their order with a smile, a kind word, a joke or some other merriment. The line to receive your lunch feels ever shorter as the jovial works talk to every person and, really, make their day a little brighter.

The delicious warmth of the Cheese Boy still filling my belly and owl, I am sure I will return soon.

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MichellePC said...

Anything with "cheese" in the title works for me. Great review!

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