Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Del Frisco's Hard Hat Tour, Fort Point Channel, Boston

I have been lucky enough to spend the past almost seven years frequenting the area now known as Fort Point Channel.  When I started my journeys to this area of Boston, it was just known as Southie, or "that area by the courthouse", or "over by the childrens museum".  There were very few places to go for lunch then, limited basically to a spot catering to the take out lunch crowd, a dunkin donuts, and a random sub/pizza place that everyone claimed was bad.  We had a few bars to frequent- and these were separated into "winter" and "summer" bars (basements or patios).  Over the past few years, this area has been radically changed.  Lunch decisions are plentiful, and even upscale dinner options are available in the form of Sportello, Menton, Morton's, LTK, etc. More bars have been built, some old have been transformed, and the remaining links to the old area are treasured.  Condo and apartment buildings soar to the sky, and those old alleys that were visible in The Departed are gone.  Fort Point Channel has been transformed.  One of the crown pieces of this development is slated to open in its entirety this spring, the site of the old Jimmy's Harborside. 

Del Frisco's will inhabit the second floor
There are actually two building slated to open in this gorgeous waterfront property, one a three story Legal Seafoods, it's new flagship, and second a gorgeous space holding both a Jerry Remy's Bar and Grill (already open), and Boston's first Del Frisco's Double Eagle Steakhouse.  Del Frisco's is a Texas based steak house chain begun over 20 years ago.  Boston will be Del Frisco's 9 location city, ranging across the United States.

View from the Best Seat in the House
So what sets this steak house apart?  Beyond their aged USDA Prime Steaks, their fresh seafood, and their inventive sides (read cauliflower and brie au gratin) lies their extensive wine selection, their incredible physical restaurant and the exemplary service.  I was taken on a hard hat tour of the new space yesterday, and learned exactly what these difference mean.

Upon entering the space, GM Gregg Rinaldi pointed out where the beginning of their wine emptire would begin.  Thousands of bottles of wine will be held in glass wine walls throughout the restaurant, offering selection like no other.  This display begins in the entry way, and then continues throughout the space, separating private rooms and ushering the diner throughout the restaurant.  

The incredible view from the Dining Room
The restaurant, it must be noted is going to be gorgeous, though I was there when extreme work is being done, the vision is incredible.  Featuring sweeping views of the harbor, it mixes classic steakhouse decor of dark wood panneling with the beauty of a sunny seaside escape.  The design team has taken extra steps to ensure that this view is enjoyed by all who dine, by raising portions of the interior dining room.  Additionally they feature a patio, over looking the water, which will be equipped with wind blocking features so that sea breeze doesn't disrupt a dinner with flying napkins.  If, for some strange reason your seat at your table doesn't face towards the majestic harbor, have no fear, you're "second choice" view is of the beautiful boston skyline- not a bad seat in this house.

Raised floor to mazimize the view
Finally, I want to dedicate some time to the service.  Some on line research resulted in finding multiple awards the restaurants have received based on their customer service concentration.  It's one thing to receive awards though, its another entirely to watch it transpire.  I arrived for my tour a bit early (as usual), and so waited for Gregg for a bit watching the buzz of activity in the hiring office.  Each person who walked in the door to apply for work was greeted with a smile and a friendly hello.  Those who had been met previously were recognized, and greeted as friends.  When the news that an employee had been hired was announced, it was received with a rousing round of congratulations from all present.  Each person I spoke to and interacted with was beyond kind, welcoming and efficient.  I have long believed that when you are treated with respect, you treat others with respect.  It was obvious that Del Frisco's believes in this premise as well.  Throughout my tour Gregg, who has worked at other Del Frisco's before they moved him to Boston, spoke of the company, and his co workers with pride.  It was obvious that working at Del Frisco's was as rewarding as enjoying one of their steaks.  It does not surprise me at all that this type of attitude has won them the awards they have, and the praise from diners that it has (twitter search helped me with that one). 

View from the patio
Earlier I mentioned the full name of the restaurant as Del Frisco's Double Eagle Steak House.  As I toured the restaurant yesterday, I wondered about the reference of Double Eagle.  I had to ask.  It invokes a rare golf occurrence where the hole score is 3 below par.  Quite a score!  Del Frisco's has brought their matra on to show how rare of restaurant they are, a cut above the rest.

Now, I have not eaten at a Del Frisco's, so I cannot testify to their food first hand, but the space, the sheer extensivity of their wine selection and their service all appear to be first rate.  Del Frisco's holds great promise of being an incredible addition to the new Fort Point Channel.  

Del Frisco's Double Eagle Steak House is slotted to open in late April, 2011.  


Kristen said...

so exciting! even more places to check out in FPC! thanks for the insider tour!!!

Betsy said...

Nice! my company is moving there, I love all the new places popping up.

In and Around Town said...

I cannot wait for Liberty Warf to be completed, going to be such an amazing place. So happy to see that Del Frisco's is really going to take advantage of being on the water - the fact that it does have something new to offer makes it even better!

Bianca @ Confessions of a Chocoholic said...

I'm starting to explore this area more, and I'm definitely going to put Del Frisco's on my places to visit as soon as it opens!

JazzRules said...

This place is spectacular! It certainly sets the bar high for the other steakhouse's in town to be on their game!

Check out my pictures from their opening party!

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