Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Community Coming Together: BU Students Build a Garden with the Boys and Girls Club of Boston

Though it has been a long cold winter, spring, and all that goes with that, is starting to blossom here in Boston.  Tiny green leaves are poking their little heads up through the barren earth.  Robins are chirping about, and crocuses and daffodils are welcoming us all to the new season.  Tomorrow, Wednesday, April 6, the students of BU will welcome spring in their own, giving, way. 

Members of the group known as Nature's Sustainers, a community relations class that has been held at Boston University, are donating their time to help the Blue Hill Club, a member of the Boys and Girls Club of Boston, build a garden and teach them in the ways of sustainability, healthy living, and the slow food movement.  We are all aware of the frightening reports concerning the growth of child obesity.  We have all heard the saying "It takes a village to raise a child". And we all know that education is best started with the young.  The work that these students at BU will be completing will be teaching 10- 15 middle school students the importance of fresh vegetables, and the nutrients they supply. 

Once the garden is built tomorrow, the education doesn't end there.  This group of middle schoolers will care for the garden, and ensure that all plantings make it to the table.  That's right, the food that is produced by the garden will go straight to the Blue Hill Club kitchen, where it will help to feed 250 kids and teens.  Throughout this process these kids will learn how important it is to incorporate fresh fruits and vegetables in their daily diets, as well as the ways to produce them.

Nature's Sustainers is going above an beyond in this mission, also providing the gardening tools as well as securing sponsorships and monetary donations to ensure that these gardens will be well stocked, and successful. 

This is an incredible mission being taken on both by the students of Boston University, as well as the kids associated with the Boys and Girls Club.  It is these types of endeavors that can make a real difference in the lives of our youth, and can impact them for years to come.  To learn more, or to help Nature's Sustainers  please contact Samantha Rajotte at samantha.rajotte@gmail.com or at 860-384-3615.

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