Friday, April 15, 2011

Event Recap: Taste of the Nation Boston, 2011

Taste of the Nation...last year I attended full of wonder, curiosity and excitement.  Like a kid in a candy store I ran wildly from table to table, trying to taste everything at once and take photos at the same time...anyone watching me I'm sure thought I was losing my mind.  Last night, at the 23rd annual Taste of the Nation, I went in with a game plan.  I took a few laps, photographed along the way, got a vibe for who was doing what, and then dove into the food.  I felt much calmer, much saner, and left extremely full and happy.  Taste of the Nation is an incredible event, benefiting a fantastic organization, all while uniting a community of food and wine loving folks.

Over 70 chefs were present last evening cooking a variety of delicious snacks for the attendees to sample.  They ranged from the classically delicious, to the outrageous, to the strange and interesting.  There were a wide array of cupcakes, and pastries, a fair amount of sandwiches (many of the barbecue variety), a fair share of small bites, and some simply amazing creations.  My hall of famers for the year? 
  • Mela's Indian sampling - Paneer, Chicken Marsala- all of the wonderful accompaniments- I could have stood there all night!
  • Trina's Starlight Lounge for their sloppy Joe's topped with fried onion strings
  • L'Espalier for their goat cheese panna cotta, enhanced with a rhubarb foam and pistachio crumble.  This was perfection in a bite- the silky smooth nature of the panna cotta, paired with the sweet tart foam and the beautiful textural contrast of the pistachios.  While it was agreed that a large portion may be too much, the serving size presented was perfect, and this was a home run.
  • Sileni Estates Pinot Noir from Hawkes Bay, 2010 presented by Cafe Europa, LLC.  The sweet berry flavors were strong without being overpoweringly sweet, and yet it exemplified the flavors of each food I had with it.  I actually went back for a few servings of this wine. I'll be looking for it at my area wine purveyors. 
And now for the photographic highlights:

If you're interested in attending Taste of the Nation in another city, please head on over to the Taste of the Nation website for a full list of cities and dates!


Megan said...

Great to see you last night! I was the one running around frantically trying to take pictures of everything this year!

Daisy said...

sounds like you had a smart game plan and sampled some of the best things there!!

Melissa said...

I love that you went in with a plan. haha! Looks delicious.

Jen said...

Goat cheese panna cotta sounds awesome. Looks like a great event.

Kristen said...

Hey! It was great meeting you at the Taste of the Nation (I'm the blogger who was working the coat check). Great blog I absolutely love the Resturant Reviews!

Susan said...

Great plan! Taking photos with one hand while trying to balance a drink and a plate of food is also challenging. Thanks so much for coming and for your great recap!

Keith_newB said...

Wow, that cured and pressed salmon looks amazing! ;)

Keith_newB said...

Wow, that cured and pressed orange zest and rosemary salmon looks amazing! ;)

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