Thursday, July 28, 2011

Nantucket Gourmet, Nantucket

Saturday afternoon in Nantucket, I found myself with a bit of on my own down time.  I have recently become painfully aware that this type of alone time is difficult to come by, so I chose to relish it.  I took a quick tour around town, and then decided to get a lunch to go, and enjoy it in the quiet serenity of our inn's back yard.  I had been referred to Nantucket Gourmet by several people pre trip and so I took the opportunity to check them out. 

Nantucket Gourmet is a bit of an "all purpose" location, containing a store full of kitchen gadgets and gourmet products, and, in the back, a small deli counter where sandwiches are made to order.  To make ordering a breeze, a large stack of order forms sit on the counter with a plate of pens so you can check off the ingredients that you most desire in your sandwich (or wrap).  The choices are pretty extensive, so your sandwich gets to be as unique as you are (queue cheesy music now).

Breads include Baguette, ciabatta, wheat berry, or a choice of wrap (spinach, tomato, chili, etc).  After the bread is chosen comes the fun part of marking off your fillers- a list of condiments including two types of mustard, dressings, hummus, hot peppers are available to choose from.  Meats are next and include ham, turkey, chicken breast, roast beef, and tuna salad among others.  Finally you get to veggies and cheeses, the list of which stretches out to include the typical (lettuce, cheddar) to the atypical (cornichon, brie).  I had a tough choice in making up my order but finally settled on on a half sandwich made with Wheat berry Bread, artichoke spread, grilled chicken breast, carrots, tomato and cucumbers. 

The lovely ladies behind the counter take your order form and construct your sandwich right then leaving you just the right amount of time to browse, but short enough so you don't get into too much trouble (what do you mean I don't need a single cup French Press?).  Once your sandwich is made, its packed into a paper sack with a bag of chips and little container of olives, and you are ready to take it off on your journeys for the day.

Sitting outside, enjoying the sweet ocean breezes and enjoying a picnic was a wonderful way to spend a Saturday.  The sandwich was stuffed full of fresh crisp vegetables, and tender smoky grilled chicken.  The bread soft and chewy, though I would have loved a stronger wheat berry taste to it.  All in all though, I love all of the options that the Nantucket Gourmet presented me with to create my perfect lunch, and they put them together in a filling sandwich.

I will say that I found the prices a bit steep  ($6.35 for a half, $9.15 for the whole) but I suppose that when you're on Nantucket....      


Anonymous said...

Yum! That place sounds fantastic! I've yet to go to Nantucket, this needs to change soon!

Alissa Josephine Hope said...

This is great! I just love picknics

Elizabeth said...

I've never been to Nantucket. I love cute spots like this for lunch.

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