Tuesday, July 5, 2011

White Mountain Creamery, Chestnut Hill, MA

I refuse to open this post with a cliched chant, but when it gets hot out, don't we all, really, scream for ice cream? That cold, creamy goodness is the perfect way to celebrate summer and indulge. I swear, ice cream in the summer is calorie free...or something.

I was reintroduced to one of my favorite childhood ice cream spots this summer-White Mountain Creamery. White Mountain was first opened in 1985 in Wellesley as a small shop, making ice cream on site utilizing local cream. They concentrated on interesting flavors and quality ingredients and soon built a following. They opened their second location in Chestnut Hill, across from the main BC campus a few year later and their empire was complete.

Now there is a fair amount of competition in the area for ice cream, sometimes it appears that an outlet for the frozen treat is on every corner. So what makes White Mountain stand above the rest? That's exactly what I wanted to find out.

The store fronts are cheerful and in some way make me feel nostalgic. The counters are manned by teenagers, half loving their jobs and half counting down until they are able to escape and enjoy their freedom. It feels like the perfect spot to get ice cream. The menu is eclectic, including flavors like fluffer nutter, apple granola, and Myers Rum. Saturday evening, with the hankering for something cold and sweet alive, I settled on a special flavor of the day, Oreo Cheesecake.

Cheesecake, in my opinion, can sometimes be a very dominating flavor, the tang of the cheese overtaking any other flavor. White Mountain however blended that rich flavor with the delicious chocolatey Oreos to create a wonderfully perfect scoop. With this creative flavor, White Mountain Creamery won me over to their tried and true ways.

What is your favorite spot for ice cream?


The Small Boston Kitchen said...

Ice cream is so perfect for this week!

Elizabeth said...

I've never heard of this place! I'm making it a goal this summer to try out as many ice cream spots around Boston as I can. I need to add this to the list!

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