Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Nespresso Limited Edition Masala Chai

They have done it again.  Honestly, since my very first introduction to Nespresso they have continuously delighted me.  Every machine I've tried has been soundly crafted and beautiful to look at.  Their milk frothers create silky smooth, fluffy foam that provides a perfect complement to a strong cup o' Joe.  Then there are the coffees.  Each that I've tried has presented itself in a perfect light for all of my moods.  Whether its an early morning wake up call, a mid-morning jolt between meetings, or a wind the night down light cup, each has been met with a variety of strengths and even a flavor dabbled for good measure. While I am not usually a huge fan of flavored coffees, Nespresso's true flavors have hit the spot each time.  Let it be said though that their latest Limited Edition, out just in time for the holidays, has blown the others out of the competition.

Boasting a cozy blend of cinnamon, star anise and clove, the Masala Chai brings together all of wonderful flavors of this season.  As soon as I brewed the first cup, my kitchen was filled with the homey scents of fall- the same wonderful spices that fill our pumpkin pies and remind us of the crunching of leaves beneath our feet.  My first sips were gently hinted with the same.  This is the part I love most about the flavors from Nespresso.  They don't smack you in the face with flavor.  Coffee, the true flavor of coffee is primary, with just these wonderful background notes of spice.  

I have to urge you all to go and check out the new offering from Nespresso- it will be the perfect complement to your holidays.  


Anonymous said...

I just got mine today! Do you use one or two pods for a chai latte? Not sure if these are "lungo" size or not...i'm assuming not.

bubblegum casting said...

I enjoy visiting Boston the food on the east coast is the best!

Unknown said...

I tried 1 pod with 30ml brew and that gave me a very weak chai latte. Tasted more like warm milk. I'll try it again with a 40 ml brew which is recommended.

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