Monday, April 7, 2014

Lamb Jam Tour Coming to Boston April 13, 2014

Are you ready for next weekend?  Have you been in training?  Ready to feast?  The annual Lamb Jam Tour is making its Boston stop this coming Sunday, April 13th, and all of those stomach expanding exercises will certainly pay off.  If you have somehow missed this great event previous years, it pits 20 chefs from all around the area against each other in a fierce battle for best dish, and you get to try all of the entries...not such a bad gig.  Oh and did I mention that there will be 12 different local breweries on site to help wash down all that awesome lamb you'll be noshing on- not bad right?

You may, if you aren't already in love with it, be wondering why lamb?  Lamb has
been a product of the US for centuries but is one of the most underutilized foods.  It is sustainably farmed, mostly by long term family run businesses.  Lamb farms are situated all over the US, meaning that when you find lamb in the grocery store its gotten there within just a couple of days, which means its fresh, and full of natural flavor.  On top of that, lamb meat is incredibly lean, and is a great source of protein, vitamin B12, niacin, zinc, and selenium. 

Probably best of all though, is that Lamb is incredibly easy to prepare.  Lamb doesn't contain the same dangers that chicken or pork do, so the idea is to cook lamb to tender, but not to a certain temperature.  This makes for a much easier, stress free cooking experience.  

Lamb Jam next weekend is the perfect way to start looking at all of the ways lamb can be prepared and all of the delicious creations that are out there.  Tickets are still available- definitely check it out- you wont be disappointed 

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