Monday, April 28, 2014

Nespresso VertuoLine Machine and an Iced Coffee Perfect for Springtime Entertaining!

Ohhhh Nespresso- you've done it again...So you all area well aware of my love, my adoration, of my Nespresso machine.  Espresso and lattes at the touch button, every cup perfect with rich crema...I savor every drop.  Earlier this year however, Nespresso brought a new addition to its line of machines, and this one is brewing large cups of coffee in addition to its line of espressos.  I was the lucky recipient of this new maching, the VertuoLine, and have been loving it!

The large pour matches the size of regular drip machines, perhaps even a little over, but with the incredible robust flavor that we come to expect with Nespresso.  They are using the same extraordinary measures to source this coffee as they always have and it shows in

brewing a rich, fantastic cup of coffee.  

As Spring is upon us, and temperatures are getting warmer, now is the perfect time to switch to iced coffee, and the Virtuoline is the answer to robust flavor, combined with that ice. I thought this might be a perfect addition to some springtime entertaining I've been doing.  Nothing is quite like ending a delicious meal with a cup of coffee, but a special iced treat is even better.

I wanted to bring the flavors of summer right into this treat, which to me always means lemon.  The combination here is with lemon and honey which created a lemonade type flavor and was a delicious

post dinner icy treat.

I brewed a full cup of the VertuoLine Elvazio, and then added a teaspoon and a half of honey to the hot liquid, and then chilled that in the fridge.  In my Aeroccino I grated about a teaspoon of lemon zest into the milk before frothing, and then cool frothed the milk.  I poured the coffee into a glass filled with ice, and topped it with the foam.  Summer coffee in a glass... 

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