Monday, April 12, 2010

Blueberry Thyme Pancakes

Saturday morning dawned rain free here in Boston, and since it was John's first weekend home after the longest business trip ever (I'm completely exaggerating), I decided to whip him up some breakfast. I decided to make him pancakes, and chose blueberry pancakes since I had some left over berries in the fridge I wanted to use up.

I started with just a box of Pancake mix. I could have been good and made them from scratch -but last week was long and it was Saturday, so I gave myself a break. I have to say, I love a good blueberry pancake, but am always annoyed if all that's in the cakes are spotty blueberries. People- I want blueberry flavor all throughout my pancakes. I decided to solve this issue. I pureed my blueberries before adding them to the mix. But I didn't just mash them up, I wanted some interesting flavors to them, so I combined the juice of half a lemon that was left over from the week previous (zest would have worked better, however the lemon chose not to zest), a handful of fresh chopped thyme (which has a lovely bright, citrusy flavor) and a pinch of salt with the blueberries. I used my trusty immersion blender (I have far too much love for that piece of machinery) and created a beautiful blueberry puree. Once liquefied, I added the puree to the batter, stirred to combine, and then ladled spoonfuls onto my hot pan. One flip to cook both sides, and breakfast was served.

I love the combination of lemon and blueberry, and the addition of thyme to the mix was a really nice twist. The flavors layered really nicely together, and with the addition of a little pure maple syrup the appeal of savory with sweet shone through. A perfect start to what turned into a gorgeous Saturday.


Sarah @ Semi-Sweet said...

These look lovely! I love the idea of pureeing the blueberries - we do applesauce pancakes all the time b/c the flavor is better . . . purple pancakes might sell well over here!

Simply Life said...

oh those look great!

Feast on the Cheap said...

I love that you added Thyme to these! What a great idea, will definitely have to test these out in my own kitchen

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