Wednesday, April 14, 2010 and Litl Webbook!

As I'm sure it's no great surprise- food is my passion. I know- obvious statement of the year right? Of course this does not mean that food is the only thing that interests me. I am pretty addicted to new technology- and in this age where we all carry around a multitude of cell phones, blackberry's, iPods, laptops etc-technology is pretty fascinating. Last night I had the opportunity to join an event that celebrated both- food and technology- I was in heaven. The joint efforts of and Litl were the drivers behind last night's meet up, and was really a fantastic way to introduce both!, founded in 2006, was started with the idea of bringing together food lovers in a social on line forum - a true recipe share site, without corporate endorsements to sway the creativity. There are forums for members to discuss their recipes, ideas and thoughts for improvement, as well as a great system of those people known as "mentors" who can help with difficult challenges in the kitchen. What I love is that not only was this begun before the craze of Facebook and Twitter, but it's intention is so pure and allows the food world to really come together in a helpful spirit. Whether you're obsessed with food or not, you should definitely check out for all sorts of great information and helpful tips.

The second leg of last night event was really and truly remarkable. Litl, a great company based here in Boston, released in November a new on line tool that revolutionizes the way we should look at computing devices. Void of any operating system, Litl brings you the Internet in crystal clear images. Its revolutionary design is small and light, easy to transport around the house, and displays your sites, photos, weather, clock, even movies, where ever you go! What I loved was that the folks at Litl are busy rolling out all sorts of great "channels" like Bake Space, but if you find a site you love, and you want it to be part of your favorites- just subscribe to the RSS feed and Litl allows you to scroll through the content. This little thing is so much fun to use, great to look at (some are using the system as a digital picture frame when not using it for data), and incredibly convenient. I heart technology!

The evening was great as we got more familiar with all of the wonderful features of both and Litl-all while sipping wine and snacking on cupcakes!


CoffeeShopBloggers said...

That was a really fun event. It was so nice to meet you there! My friend, Capability:Mom, also loved meeting you! I also wanted to give you her blog address We'd both love to stay in touch with you!

Pragmatic Mom

Boston Food Diary said...

So nice to meet you both as well! Are you both registered on bakespace? We should link up there as well! Thank you for the links to your blogs! I cant wait to read them!

Capability:Mom said...

It was a wonderful event - great description of the evening and terrific photos! I am on bakespace - hope to see you there.
So glad Pragmatic Mom ( kind enough let me join her. Food bloggers are so funny and nice and litl is a great webbook.

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