Friday, April 23, 2010

Break from food- Home Heating Oil giveaway from Clickfilosophy

As discussed yesterday, it was Earth Day and while all over Boston restaurants and other food businesses were offering "green" alternatives, give aways and other great incentives, other businesses were doing the same. I try to keep this blog completely centered around food because, well, I'm completely centered around food! However, I was approached yesterday to let you all know about a contest that Clickfilosophy, an online heating oil company, is offering now until May 31, 2010. I am making an exception to my food obsession for this because during the economic climate that we've been faced with, I know that we could all use a break and the winner of this contest receives a free tank of home heating oil! With the winters we have- that's quite a prize!

More details and the entry form can be found here:

I hope that all of you home owners in the greater Boston area enter-it would be great to have one of you great food lovers win such an amazing prize!!!

And now back to our regularly scheduled food programming!

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