Thursday, April 22, 2010

Taranta Celebrates Earth Day

Each April 22 the United States pauses for a moment to look at our consumption of natural products, and our waste of manufactured ones. Earth Day began in 1970 by Senator Gaylord Nelson. It was a time when pollution signaled success in the US, and the more that was generated the more we were working. On that first Earth Day rallies were held all over the country to spread the word that the environment, and its decline, were very real and needed to be attended to. Every year since then we have celebrated this day by renewing our pledge to continue our work to protect the earth, be mindful of waste, and give back where we can.

This year, as food industry seems to be moving more and more towards partnering with sustainable providers, and ensuring that the meals that they serve us aren't detrimental to our planet, we have a unique opportunity to enjoy a tasty meal, and celebrate Earth Day all in one.

Taranta Restaurant, a delicious blend of Italian and Peruvian delights and one of a few Certified Green Restaurants (, is partnering with Carapelli Olive Oil to offer a prix fixe menu that is earth friendly and heart friendly. The complete menu is offered for $49.00 per person can be seen here: Taranta will be offering this menu today through April 25, 2010.

I had the opportunity to dine at Taranta a few years back and had a wonderful experience. For your convenience- here is the link to that review: Taranta.

No matter what you do on Earth Day, please give some thought to the little changes that you can make to your every day life to help make sure that Earth is around for many many more centuries. To find out about volunteer activities around you:

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