Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Boston's Best Chefs Teaching at the BCAE!

In a similar vain to my previous post today concerning all that is going on in Boston on a daily basis, there are some fabulous courses being offered at the Boston Center for Adult Education in January and February!

Of course we are all aware of some of those big name chefs in Boston, well imagine learning to cook with them??  Jody Adams, Gordon Hamersley, Nicole Coady and several others are all going to teaching courses at the BCAE and, in turn, teaching YOU how to cook!  Sounds pretty amazing right?  Not a bad gift idea either for that,um, challenged chef in your life?  

Please note the dates, times, chefs and prices below, and contact the BCAE (617-267-4430) to book!

January 11, 2011
“Behind the Line with Jody Adams”
Student: $70/ $60 Members / $15 Materials
Dinner Guest: $25
January 13, 2011
“Sweet Sips: Dessert and Beer Pairing with Finale”
$55/ $45 Members/ $25 Materials
January 18, 2011
“Winter Soups with Chef Paul Wahlberg of Alma Nove”
6:00PM- 9:00PM 
$60/ $50 Members/ $15 Materials 
January 24, 2011
"Dynamic Wines and Authentic Tapas with Taberna de Haro"
$60/ $50 Members/ $15 Materials 

January 31, 2011
“Bistro Cooking at Home with Gordon Hamersley”
$60/ $50 Members/ $15 Materials 

February 8, 2011
“French Inspired Comfort Food with Chef Jacky Robert”
$60/ $50 Members/ $15 Materials 

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