Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Anna's Taqueria Names First Golden Spoon!

You know what I love about Boston?  I mean besides everything I wax on about several times a week (culture, architecture, food, people, sports teams, history, etc)- there is literally ALWAYS something going on.  Now to the untrained eye- we may look like a sleepy little city- town.  We seemingly only come out on weekends and on evenings of major sporting events, however look just slightly below the surface and you will find so many great things going on, every night of the week!

A perfect example of this?  Did you know that last week Anna's Taqueria awarded a Golden Spoon to their fastest Spoon Ninja?  Anna's workers are, of course, known for their lightening fast speed within which they can put together a burrito, it's more than impressive really.  So, after careful study, Anna's selected the best of the best and invited them to compete in their first ever Spoon Ninja (a name they refer to themselves as because of their impressive work with their spoons) Battle.  As luck would have it, Boston Herald writer Joshua Walovitch, aka the Burrito Boy, was also invited to compete.  He wrote up his thoughts on the battle here.

Now if you're wondering how you could possibly have missed the Spoon Ninja Battle (as I was when I received an email about it yesterday), it's because it wasn't announced publicly, but have no fear- video was taken of the event.  So I leave you with the video, for your viewing pleasure:

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