Thursday, December 2, 2010

Journey 'round the World for $15 at the BCAE!

Boston Center for Adult Education has some seriously great stuff going on.  Every time I read their website or pamphlets I am always astounded at all the fantastic classes that they offer in so many different areas.  If you want to learn to paint- head there.  If you want more information on wines- they have a class for that.  If you want to learn what steps you should be taking to get your finances in order- they will assist.  If you want to learn a new language- check them out.  

Today I received word that the BCAE has really outdone themselves.  During the month of January they are offering four nights of classes for just $15.00 a piece!  These classes center around the theme "Around the World for $15.00", and the classes will focus on Morocco, France, Argentina and the American South.  The instructors will lead participants on a tour of these lands (without ever leaving Boston) and explore the cuisine, culture and lifestyle of the people who live there.  

Classes run January 4- 7, 6-8:00 pm.  Please call 617-267-4430, or visit for more information.

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bknowles67 said...

This sounds great! Only problem is which one or ones to take!

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