Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Connie's Bakery, Provincetown, MA

It would be so easy to start this post waxing poetic about Boston, or Summer in Boston, or really anything having to do with Summertime.  It would be so easy because, as the country celebrated the start to the summer months, I kicked things off here in traditional fashion- I jaunted to the Cape.  Of course, anyone from around here knows that a "jaunt" to the Cape is anything but as more often than not it includes traffic, traffic and a little bit more traffic.  And yet, this weekend, I definitely jaunted.  I boarded a boat in downtown Boston (which was nicely un congested due to everyone being on, ahem, the Cape) and an hour and a half later my friend and I reached our destination the outermost point of the Cape- Provincetown. 

Provincetown, or PTown as we lovingly refer to it 'round these parts, was one of the first stops by the Pilgrims to our great shores, first reaching it in 1620 aboard the Mayflower.  Since then PTown has welcomed people of all kind to it's beautiful shores and has offered hospitality in it's quaint village.  I had never had the opportunity to check it out previously and was thrilled to explore.  A known art community PTown is filled with art galleries, antique stores and well as some stellar food.  Obviously- I was there to indulge my appetite.  

Our first stop came highly recommended- Connie's Bakery located right on the main drag of Commercial Street.  Since we arrived at the island during what could still be considered breakfast time- I opted for an egg sandwich, and I couldn't resist their cinnamon roll. Connie's had lots of options for their egg sandwiches, from different types of bread, to choices between simple (egg and cheese), carnivorous (egg, cheese and meat), to a veggie lovers- packing that egg in with peppers, onions, spinach and mushrooms.  I went veggie style on wheat and was served a piping hot sandwich wedged between a delicate whole wheat roll bursting with seeds and hearty grains.  The encased omelet was filled to the brim with delicious sauteed vegetables and layered with melty cheese.  As someone who normally loves Tabasco on my eggs, I was thrilled that Connie's had packed so much flavor into their offering that I didn't miss it at all.  

Obviously dessert was needed for breakfast, so my friend and I tore into the cinnamon bun.  Un traditional in it's flat appearance, this bun was oozing with pure flavors of cinnamon, butter and sugar- exactly what I look for in my cinnamon buns.  The uniqueness of the bun made it truly delightful- since, as we all know the best bite of a roll is that inner section where all the flavor lives.  The flat style of Connie's offering made it easy for every bite to be like that last bite- truly delicious.

Connie's doesn't have any seating inside it's small space, but just a few steps from its doors sits a lovely beach with soft sand and view of the harbor that makes any breakfast complete.  Between the sun, the waves crashing and a delicious breakfast- we were off to a good start...  


Kristen said...

love ptown! we made trips here all the time growing up :)

Jen said...

We absolutely LOVE Connies!!

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