Friday, May 4, 2012

Joe's American Bar and Grill, Waterfront Location, Boston

I don't remember the exact point that it happened, but I know it did.  I became a food snob quite some time again.  It isn't that I wont dip into a road side shack and try local cuisine, or nosh down buffalo wings at a hole in the wall, no I started turning my nose up at chain restaurants.  I grumble and scoff when they are suggested, but lets be honest- not all chain restaurants are created equal.  There are those where rumors abound about microwave only kitchens, where meals are delivered pre cooked and frozen and most items taste purely of salt.  Here in Boston though we lucked out a bit.  We are the home to a couple of "small" chains, restaurants appearing mainly within our area that may be owned by the same company but bring the attention to detail and quality of ingredients that mimic some of the independents around town. I have found that Joe's American Bar and Grill is one of these.

Crabcake Entree -photo cred to Abby @Marlo Marketing
Last week I was invited in to Joe's Waterfront location to check them out.  Wood paneled rooms give an air of elegance, and attentive serving staff make you feel as though you're in a four star restaurant.  And then, of course, there is the food. Locations outside of the city do contain the same menu, but the two in Boston proper, the waterfront location and the one on Newbury Street do contain different, more unique dishes, with the waterfront location concentrating heavily on seafood.  

We started our meal with the Seared Ahi, thick slices of seared pepper rubbed tuna paired with Asian style cucumbers, a ginger soy sauce and wasabi.  The pepper rub on the tuna provided a gentle spice that was contrasted nicely with the salty soy sauce.  The tuna was of good quality giving the dish that beautiful luxurious feel that the raw fish tends to do.  When paired with the crisp and refreshing cucumbers it was a well put together appetizer appealing parts of the palette.  

After a very long debate I finally decided on their Swordfish entree, grilled with a ginger soy sauce and then served with steamed rice and a seasonal vegetable.  The night I was in my large steak was paired with grilled asparagus.  The fish was absolutely delicious. The ginger soy sauce was lightly applied and simply added a little bit of flavor rather than overpowering the entree.  The swordfish was well cooked, a more than generous portion and its simple preparation showcased its fresh flavor.  The asparagus contrasted its natural flavor with the smoke from grilling- one of my favorite ways to enjoy asparagus.

Joe's provides a relaxed, comfortable environment that somehow straddles the line between family friendly and a good spot to meet with friends after work.  The food is reliable and its simplicity allows everyone in your party to find something that fits their needs from the more adventurous to the classic eaters.  I have to say also that the waterfront location has one of the prettiest views of the harbor-on a warm summer night it's patio is a perfect spot to enjoy the beauty of Boston.   


In and Around Town said...

I still really like Joe's and their waterfront location is one of the best in the city (IMO!). They really do have reliably good food.

Jen said...

I have to agree. I became a food snob sometime as well. I know it happened since moving to Boston but I'm not sure exactly when (probably sometime between the shark cupcakes and now).

Sounds like we need to plan an evening at the waterfont, maybe at Joe's...

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