Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Turner FIsheries, Westin Copley, Boston

As the temperatures increase around these parts my infatuation with seafood begins to flow off the charts. I don't know what it is but summertime just seems made for all things that live within the ocean waters. Last week I had the chance to try out the menu at beloved Turner Fisheries in downtown Boston and I couldn't have been more excited.

See the great thing about Turners is not just that they select only the freshest, often organic and sustainable, seafood to serve to their patrons but they create masterpieces around it. Simple twists on age old classics, award winning clam chowder and creative new dishes makes the menu interesting and fresh. They also have some daily specials that are both taste bud and wallet friendly.

We kicked off our evening with the Atlantic Shelf -a generous tower of fresh shellfish including clams, mussels, scallops, oysters and mammoth shrimp. Served with a delightful helping of cocktail sauce enhanced with extra horseradish, the sweet, fresh, chilled shellfish was a delight.

The evening that we dined at Turners was damp and gray and as I perused the menu I was drawn to the warming dishes most of all. The table began to rave about the milk product free Smoked Tomato Bisque served with fried basil and I knew I had to order it. A big bowl of steaming tomato soup was set in front of me, artfully served with a single leaf of fried basil balanced on top. The scent that wafted to my nose-full of natural sweetness, hearty acidity and a hint of smoke made me reach for my spoon. The soup was delicious, full of rich notes of smoke balanced with the brightness created by the acidic fruit. The true wonder here was the creamy undertones that were present, comforting and delicious, that were created without the addition of cream. This is a lactose intolerant persons dream. I cleaned my bowl, despite my desire to resist.

Still craving the comfort of broths and soups I settled on Turner's New England Bouillabaisse for my entree. Another large bowl was set in front of me, chock full of perfectly cooked seafood. Table side a small pot of tomato based broth was poured over teheran top, and with a mashed potato swirled crostini decorating the side, my dinner was complete. The dish contained a wonderful mix of flakey white fish, plump shrimp, tender calamari and tasty mussels. Every piece was well cooked and full of fresh natural flavors. The broth was light, thin and yet bursting with flavor of tomato and herbs. This was a wonderful dish for those stormy summer nights, creating an ocean oasis away from the pounding rain.

Of course dessert was next to arrive, and are choices were well varied. The menu artfully ranged from decadent chocolate to refreshing chilled treats, and one that truly intrigued me-lemon puffs. Fresh pastry puffs filled with a lemon cream, this burst of citrus flavor screamed summer dessert to me. The sweet tart flavor of the lemon created the illusion of "light" and as each little treasure seemed small on its own, this was a dessert that one could easily pretend was part of that summer diet.

Turner's has become a go to for me. The staff is welcoming and knowledgable and management is constantly seeking ways to keep their offering fresh, interesting and current. This summer Turners has a host of offerings to maximize the diners value-I urge you to check them out!

• Bar Bites & Beverages

Monday – Friday, 5-7 pm
Turner’s is now serving a special bar bites and beverages menu on weekdays from 5-7 pm. Come relax in our lounge after work with your co-workers and friends and enjoy a menu of $5 appetizers, all of which are made with fresh, sustainable seafood and the finest ingredients. The special menu will also feature a rotating selection of beers, red and white wines and a specialty cocktail.

• Monday Night Sustainable Fish
Mondays, 5-10pm
A different sustainable fish entrée featured each Monday for only $20.00!

• Wednesday Lobster Night
Wednesdays, 5-10pm
2 Lb. Lobsters for $35.00 – while supplies last.

• Thursday Neighborhood Night
Thursdays, 5-10pm
50% off your entree if you live in our neighborhood. (Back Bay or South End)

• Dollar Oyster Friday
Fridays, 5-10pm (while supplies last)
An array of East Coast oysters for $1.00 apiece.

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