Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Grand Pequot Hotel, Foxwoods Resort Casino, Connecticut

So here's the thing- I am not one who gambles.  I tend to play things on the safe side, and taking risks is something that I will only do in extreme situations.  These personality traits make me a terrible gambler.  Because of this, I have never before been to Foxwoods, a casino located jut about 2 hours outside of Boston in Connecticut. However, a few months ago I received an invitation to check out the David Burke restaurant located in the Grand Pequo Hotel at Foxwoods, and included a room for the evening, I immediately accepted.  My sister in tow, we headed to Foxwoods for a girls weekend.  

See the thing about Foxwoods, and the Grand Pequot in particular is that we spent 24 hours in the hotel and didn't step foot into a casino.  I walked into the expansive lobby of the hotel and immediately wondered if this feat would be possible.  My fears were highlighted as, after I checked in, the welcoming lady manning the check in desk wished us "Good Luck" as we walked away with out bags.  My sister and I chuckled remarking that a casino is the only hotel in the world in which you can be wished good luck at check in and not be worried.

We hightailed it up to our room and, immediately as we swung open the door, audible "whoa"s came from both of our mouths.  The view that we had of the surrounding area of Connecticut was simply breathtaking.  As far as the eye could see rolling hills, evergreen forest- and I'm pretty sure I spied a hawk flying about.  It was a sight to behold.  The room itself was pretty impressive as well.  A big king size bed, loaded with pillows led to a cute sitting area just before the massive windows.  The room was complete with a desk, two closets and an armoire hiding a flat screen TV.  The bathroom was just as impressive, much larger than anticipated with a huge amount of counter space- just perfect for two girls getting ready for an evening out.

Of course, before our evening was to kick off, we booked some spa appointments and hustled down a few floors for our massages.  The spa area also contained the gym and an indoor pool that looked like it was quite the hot spot at 3 pm.  We made a beeline however to the spa desk and were ushered into the women's locker room and given robes and slippers to complete the experience.  We had both booked 50 minute Swedish Massages and we soon entered the nirvana of a massage.  

We spent some time enjoying the rest of the spa amenities (whirlpool, sauna and steam room) and then, fully refreshed and relaxed, we returned to our room to prepare for the evening.  Saturday night we were to dine at David Burke Prime Steakhouse, and were treated to a multi course dinner.  More on that tomorrow....today, know that the Grand Pequot at Foxwoods is a wonderful hotel, clean, organized and filled with friendly staff (and awesome DJ's) and chock full of things to do for those of us who tend not to gamble ;-).     


Delicious Dishings said...

Great info! Jeff might be going to Foxwoods for his bachelor party, so I'm looking forward to your restaurant review to see if I should suggest it!

Emily @ A Cambridge Story said...

Perfect timing - I'm actually whisking my husband away to Foxwoods for his bday (not my idea of a good time but it's his!). I'm planning to go to the steak house actually so looking forward to hearing your thoughts!

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