Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Announcement- Food Drive at the Boston Symphony Orchestra

As spring is finally revealing itself....well under all the rain.... Boston is being given multiple opportunities to usher it in under an umbrella of helping others. Really what else makes you see sunshine despite stormy weather then lending a helping hand? A couple of weeks ago I shared some information concerning Taste of the Nation, an event that donates all proceeds to ensuring that children are properly fed. I want to let you know about another initiative as well- known as Orchestra's Feeding America.

Throughout the month of March, Orchestras all over the US are collecting canned foods to be distributed to needy families. Last year, this project raised over 200,000 pounds of food...pretty impressive!!!

The Boston Symphony Orchestra would like your help in assisting this initiative surpass last years mark. On April 1, 2, and 3 the BSO will be collecting canned goods during their performances of Mendelssohn's Elija. For those of you not aware of the story behind this beautiful piece is the one of Elijah, who brought rain to a desperately parched nation through his prayers.

The food drive itself will take place between 7 and 8 each evening, canned goods only, unfortunately baby food and formula, or any glass containers cannot be accepted. Additionally, though this food drive is of course attached to an amazing musical piece, all are encouraged to give, orchestra attendees or not. Food items may be dropped off either at the Mass Ave or Cohen Wing entrances.

Hunger affects so many in this country, and this food drive is just a small way that we can all assist in alleviating this terrible plight.

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