Monday, March 1, 2010

ChocBite-customizable chocolate bars!

Some things are just too good. Some things are just exactly what you want them to be- they are wonderful and fantastic and perfect. Some things are when so many things aren't. Well, I found something that is. Perfection in a little mail order container. Chocolate- wonderful, heavenly chocolate that you customize to your liking in a fun little on line program and is then sent to you via the mail! How easy is that? How fun is it to receive a box of customized chocolate???

Last week, through the ever intriguing world of Twitter, I found this gem of a company ChocBite. ChocBite is a very recently opened company based out of Austin, TX, where they let you customize your bar of chocolate. Their website starts by asking you what type of chocolate you would prefer (black, dark, milk or white) and then gives you these phenomenal options for what to add into it. The options, grouped by "sweet", "savory", "fruit", "nut", and "decorative" range from the expected - IE crisp rice, or mini m&m's to the out of the ordinary- pink peppercorns or black sesame seeds. Once I saw the different options- I just knew I had to check it out!

Since I love dark chocolate I chose that for my base, and I added orange zest and pink peppercorns to one, and butterscotch pieces and real salt to the other. Yes- I got two bars. I love chocolate. They arrived today- happy Monday to me! Of course I ripped right into them-the first I tried was the orange zest and pink pepper corns. What a beautiful piece of chocolate!!!! To start the chocolate itself is perfect-dark and rich with wonderful flavor. Then my first bite contained only orange zest and the wonderful citrus just peeked through the indulgent chocolate as little notes of flavor. Then, my second bite, I got a bit of the peppercorn and my taste buds exploded with flavor. Such a stark contrast of the citrus the pepper was vibrant and spicy. Together the flavors mingled with beautiful harmony.

Loving the first one so much, I couldn't wait to check out the second bar. I made sure to break off a piece that had a nice chip of butterscotch, as well as the salt crystals. Another hit! The butterscotch chips added a fun twist of sweetness next to the dark chocolate, and the salt just enhanced the other flavors so perfectly. So fantastic!

For being a two week old company ChocBite is really hitting it out of the park! Their product is fun and delicious, as well as being oh so cute with a little bite taken out of each bar! I have to say....ChocBite is going to be hard to resist ordering more....and even harder to resist the rest of the bars sitting on my desk!

Please excuse the extremely poor quality photo from my phone!

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