Thursday, March 18, 2010

Announcement- Taste of the Nation- Boston: April 8, 2010, Hynes Convention Center

Two Promotions Below!

It should come as no surprise to any of us that the past year and a half has presented pretty incredible economic challenges across this country. People everywhere have had to make cuts and sacrifices within their budgets to make ends meet. The media has increased awareness making it seem to be a time where it is chic to be thrifty. While this attention can only serve to help us all, it is important to remember the organizations that have been working hard to help those in need long before the rest of us. One of those great organizations is Share Our Strength who has been facilitating a movement to ensure that no child goes hungry for almost two decades.

Share Our Strength was founded in 1984 as an effort to absolve the Ethiopian Famine. Founders Bill and Debbie Shore knew from the beginning that they would need help to accomplish their goals and so they recruited their chef friends knowing that their love of food would easily translate into a passion for feeding the hungry children of the world. In 2004 they broke through and addressed the growing need for attention to child hunger here in the US. Share Our Strength has raised $265 million since its inception. Each year they host a number of events ranging from cooking classes to bake sales to their series titled Taste of the Nation, begun in 1988.

Taste of the Nation started as restaurants in 25 cities hosting food and wine pairings on a single day, sponsored by American Express. That year alone they raised $250,000 through this one day event. Today, still sponsored by American Express, Taste of the Nation is held in 55 cities, and has raised over $70 million. The greatest part about these events though is that they are completely volunteer based, meaning that all of what is raised that evening goes where it should- to helping those who really need it.

Here in Boston we are lucky enough to be a part of this great movement in hosting our own Taste of the Nation. Taste of the Nation Boston is scheduled to be held on April 8, 2010 at the Hynes Convention Center in Boston from 6:30 pm to 9:00 pm. Now we all know that we have some rock stars of chefs who live among us here, and those wonderful folks are donating their time to this cause. Over 70 restaurants, including local favorites such as L'Espalier, Mare, Lucca, and Franklin Cafe are taking part alongside over 40 wineries. In addition, local celebrity chefs such as Gordon Hamersley, Jason Santos, Jody Adams and Andy Husbands will all be in attendance. For years this has been known as THE food event of the year- a not miss for anyone who loves food, wine, and helping others. Come on-who DOESN'T love those things?

I have TWO promotions to let you know about- first if you would like to attend- and seriously- do it- I'd like to let you know about a discount on tickets:
Taste of the Nation is offering 15% off of VIP tickets from now until 3/31/10. Please enter "tweettaste15" at check out here.

Second- WHEN you attend, please tweet about your experience while at the event for an opportunity to win a $200 restaurant gift certificate.

Of course- it all works best if you follow Taste of the Nation Boston on Twitter- because, as I'm realizing-Twitter is completely phenomenal. Please follow them here

I hope to see you all there supporting this amazing cause because, as they say- "No child should go hungry".

More information, prices etc can be found at

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