Thursday, February 24, 2011

Naked Pizza, Brighton & Brookline

Pizza-how geat does that look?
Mmmmmm pizza.  I swear- the world over- if anyone asks the question "How about pizza tonight?", the answer is always a resounding "YES!".  Honestly though, its no big surprise right?  I mean who can turn down delicious crispy crust, topped with melted cheese and a limitless amount of toppings?  I feel that anyone who claims to "not like" pizza- is lying to themselves.  I can't blame those souls though, for all intents and purposes pizza is not particularly healthy.  I often have to talk myself out of it because of its lack of nutrients.  So what if there was a pizza place, offering the delicious qualities of a pie, but loading it up with those nutrients I crave?  Enter Naked Pizza.

Naked Pizzas Crust Dough- full of nutrients
I was invited to check out Naked Pizza, a small pizza chain just entering the Massachusetts fray, earlier this week.  I walked into their first location, located on Washington Street in Brighton, without any pre-dispositions.  I had not researched the company, and I was waiting for it to wow me.  Boston is a tough town for pizza, there just isn't a lot of good pies out there.  There is definitely a need for good, quality pizza, and I entered my evening with the Naked Pizza team hoping for just that. 

Tim Doherty- General Manager
Walking through the door, I was immediately hit with not only a blast of welcoming warm air, but welcoming energy as well.  Each staff member I met was excited about their job, and excited about what they are doing for pizza.  I had the opportunity to chat with Tim Doherty, the General Manager, and to be frank, the passion that he brought to his description of their company was nothing short of remarkable.  Naked Pizza starts their pies with a unique dough.  It isn't white flour, and it is a whole lot better than wheat flour. Packed with Pre Biotics, Pro Biotics, and a whole host of grains (think nutrient rich Quinoa), the base for their pizzas is chock full of ingredients designed to promote good health. However, its not just what IS present that makes it a healthier option, it's what ISN'T present that contributes.  Naked Pizza has removed the sugar, they are using skim milk mozzarella cheese, and they have removed butter from their list of ingredients.  These little changes seriously affect the health benefits of the Naked Pizza experience.

Heading into their oven- a quick ride to flavor town!
I can imagine you, dear reader, following along and thinking- "great if its healthy, but if it tastes gross, or like any type of diet pizza I've had before, I'm not eating it".  I cant blame you- I wouldn't either.  This is no "diet pizza".  The flavors are rich and powerful, the cheese is gooey and delicious, and the crust is crisp.  They also have a wide variety of toppings to choose from, ready made specialty pies, and the options to come up with your own creations.  They don't just have your run of the mill toppings though- how about some healthy black beans added in?  Fresh spinach?  Artichokes?  Of course they have the old stand bys too-like black olives, pepperoni, ham and pineapple...They also have a gluten free dough available.

Naked Pizza opened in Brighton just a week ago, and their next store in Coolidge Corner Brookline is slated to open within the next two weeks. So if you're looking for a tasty pie with some healthy benefits, give Naked Pizza a try-I think you'll be pleasantly surprised!   


Delicious Dishings said...

That dough sounds really interesting. I'm sad I missed the event, but I look forward to checking out the pizza soon!

Jenny said...

There are so few places to get even wheat crust pizza in/near Brighton, and they aren't very good. Whenever I crave pizza (um, all the time) my poor husband looks sad because he knows I'll want wheat crust and it won't be very good. We both completely love Naked Pizza. Delivery is super fast, and with such low price points we can get two smaller pies with our favorite toppings for less than a large compromise elsewhere.

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