Monday, March 21, 2011

Peanut Butter and Jelly Brownies

You may have noticed-I don't bake very much.  It's not because I don't enjoy baked goods, quite the contrary in fact, it's that I cannot have them in my home for long.  As soon as some tasty treat comes out of my oven I am immediately picking at it.  However, every so often I whip up something, and then banish it from my house immediately.  A couple of weeks ago I was looking for a good recipe to bake up as a treat for a friends birthday, one that I would gladly enjoy with her, and then leave with her. 

My original plan was for chocolate cupcakes with peanut butter frosting, inspired by the genius of Beantown Baker, and then I got home that night, after a long day of work, the gym and various errands and I realized that I didn't have confectioners sugar, the grocery store seemed very far away, and then I saw that box of brownie mix that was included in a swag bag months ago.  I stared at it for a while, wondering if as someone who constantly goes out of my way to make things from scratch, if I could possibly use a box of brownie mix.  I looked at my aching feet from a too hard work out and declared that I could use it.  With that, my idea for Peanut Butter and Jelly Brownies was born.  I made a quick run to the convenience store for peanut butter, raspberry jam and graham crackers.

The beauty of this recipe, beyond it's incredible ease to make, is it's variations of flavors and textures all while calling to mind those awesome PB&J sandwiches that mom used to make.  Am I the only kid who would occasionally sneak a few chocolate chips into my sandwich when her back was turned?

Your favorite Brownie mix, homemade or box, I'm fine with either. Follow the recipe for an 8x8 pan.
1/3 cup red raspberry jam
3/4-1cup creamy peanut butter
1 1/2 to 2 full Graham Crackers

In a small sauce pan heat the raspberry jam over low heat until it is just melted. Make the brownie batter according to your preferred recipe, pour the batter into a well greased pan. Using a spoon gently drizzle the jam over the batter ensuring even distribution. Bake the brownies according to their directions.

When the brownies are done, remove from the oven and cool completely.

Place the Graham Crackers in a small plastic bag, and, using a rolling pin, crumble the crackers so they resemble grains of sand. In a small bowl combine the peanut butter and the cracker crumbs so that the crumbs the ratio appears 50/50 and the consistency is crunchy.  The key here is to combine the peanut butter and the crumbs together slowly so you can monitor the texture.

Remove the brownies from their pan, and then I find it easiest to cut the square into quarters. Slice each quarter in half-careful to cut under the jam layer enough to not disrupt it, place the top half (jam side) to the side and spread the peanut butter mix on the bottom half in an even layer. Top with the jam side. Repeat with the remaining quarters. I found that for best results, refrigerate the quarters for an hour or so before cutting into bars to allow the layers to set.
I have made these brownies a couple of times now and am finding myself completely obsessed.  They are sweet, rich and decadent.  The rich chocolate of the brownie is nicely cut by the sweet tart beauty of the raspberry jam, and the peanut butter which I often find to be too sticky, takes on a crunchy, unexpected twist.  All together these brownies are completely addictive, and I am once again looking for another reason to whip them up!  


Jen said...

I can vouch that these brownies are amazing! I can't wait to make them myself.


Wow. Drooling! These look incredible! Thanks for sharing!

Michelle Collins said...

I would kill for one of these right now. They look amazing!

Aimee said...

These were so delicous!! The graham crackers really gave it some nice texture...and I LOVED the raspberry jam with seeds.

Oh my, I'll have to try! :)

Delicious Dishings said...

Those look amazing!!!

Emily @ A Cambridge Story said...

ooh i could get into these!

Anonymous said...

annnnnnnnnnnnnd i'm in heaven ;)

Bianca @ Confessions of a Chocoholic said...

These sound delicious! Including graham cracker crumbs is a such a great idea.

The Souper said...

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The Small Boston Kitchen said...

I don't like desserts but I had these for breakfast a couple mornings. What? I know, not so typical but I think you start your day with a taste of the best thing in your fridge. Cannot wait to make these!

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