Thursday, July 29, 2010

Guacaholics Anonymous 2010, Fenway Cantina

As I briefly mentioned last night- yesterday was the first Guacaholics Anonymous event (I'm assuming it will be come annual-right?)!  This event, bringing together the people of Boston who don't just LIKE guacamole, don't just love it, but seem pretty obsessed with it in a forum where it was made and then feasted upon.  Chefs from Poe's Kitchen at the Rattlesnake, La Verdad, El Pelon, Zocalo, Dorado and Anna's Taqueria all offered up their versions of the green stuff, some traditional, and some swaying from the pack with the additions of fruit and other interesting ingredients.  The event's organizer did invite a few amateurs to participate as well and some of the entries were absolutely amazing!  

Though I didn't get the opportunity to try out too many of the other offerings- I was amazed by what I saw walking past my station!  It really is incredibly how many different variations there are on this great dip, from color, to consistency, to the other ingredients used.  Each plate that I offered my simple addition to was littered with incredible amounts of green, but each one insanely different looking from each other. Impressed is the best way to describe my thoughts.

Since I am not able to comment on the other entrants, I present to you a photographic journey of the evening.  Please enjoy :-)

Getting Started!

Technique right there
Time to mash!
Fresh squeezed lime juice to help keep the green color fresh, and add some lovely flavor
Adding some color with chunky tomatoes
Action shot of the stir
Adding in more of everything! 
Ready to go!  Bring on the masses!
Serving away- and safely I might add :-)
All gone! 
It was such a fun night!  I have never had the opportunity to make and serve to so many people, and it was an absolute blast.  I really loved chatting with everyone there- and it was great to meet some readers of A Boston Food Diary!

Thanks again to Aaron @EatBoston for organizing!  The best part about this, is that while we were all having a great time with the green stuff, we were helping out three great charities, Lovin’ Spoonful, Share our Strength and Community Servings!  Please be sure to check them out-they are doing great things!!  


Delicious Dishings said...

I'm sorry I missed this event because I am a guac addict. Also, I think we make a very similar guac! Looks delicious!

Boston Food Diary said...

Aww thank you! I love mine on the chunky side-sometimes its more like a meal than a dip...oops :-)

The Small Boston Kitchen said...

Those pictures are great!! :)

Boston Food Diary said...

Ha ha aren't they? VP material...

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