Sunday, July 18, 2010

Love and Onions

This evening I was making a salad for John and I to enjoy with dinner and all of a sudden I realized how hard I was concentrating on slicing the onion as close to tissue paper thin as possible. See, the thing is, I love raw red a salad, on a sandwich...whatever...I love red onion. John, however, is not at all a fan of onions. The interesting part though is that he's ok with them if he can't see them (same with mushrooms), so I have gotten into the habit of compromise and slicing onions very fine and then chopping them up to add them to things.

It really does work nicely, John doesn't hate them, and I get my onion flavor. Ahhh compromise for a healthy relationship!

So I'm sure that we all make little food compromises and concessions when cooking for loved ones- what are some of yours?

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