Sunday, July 4, 2010

Kayem's Lucky Dog Give Away!

Happy 4th of July!!!!  I hope you are all on your ways to wonderful celebratory gatherings where, of course, many burgers, hot dogs, and delicious potato salad will be consumed!  Speaking of hot dogs, I think this is a perfect opportunity to let you all know about an amazing promotion that the great folks at Kayem Foods are doing!

Throughout the month of July, which is National Hot Dog Month (!), representatives of Kayem, the official hot dog company of The Boston Red Sox, will be scouring the park during home games looking for those die hard fans who are stuck in seats that just aren't the most desireable.  Perhaps you're sitting behind a pole and can't get a good view of Ortiz hitting off a beautiful homer, or perhaps you're seated out in the bleachers and can't see the look of determination on Papelbon's face.  If Kayem sees you, they may just take pity on you and present you with...get a load of this one....two Players Club tickets to a future game, and, of course, some great, free, Fenway Franks!  That's right one fan per game, during July home games at Fenway, will win seriously upgraded tickets to a future game!  Pretty sweet deal from the folk's over at Kayem!  

They will even do you one better- while there are some not so great seats at Fenway- even worse is not being there at all!  Log on to  to enter on line!  They think of everything!

So check them out on line, look for them at the pahk, and of course enjoy your delicious Fenway Franks!

Happy 4th to you all- I hope you have excellent and safe days! 

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