Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Fireplace, Brookline

Several years ago my sister and I took my mom to The Fireplace for their Mother's Day brunch.  It was set up buffet style, and I walked away disappointed.  Of course, I could have asked ahead of time what the format was, but I assumed, and ended up with that awkward feeling like I'm back in high school carrying my tray to my seat.  I have some severe tripping fears.  Anyway, after that experience, I hadn't returned to The Fireplace, located in the Washington Square area of Brookline for quite some time.  However, this past weekend we were looking for a spot to grab a quick lunch while we were out and about, and enjoy the BC football game that was coming close to an upset, and The Fireplace appeared before us.  

We sat comfortably at the bar, and the friendly bartender was helpful and kind as he assisted us with ordering drinks and some food.  Their midday menu on Saturday afternoons is quite diverse running the gamut from raw bar selections, to salads, to burgers and even a hot dog, appealing to a wide range of tastes.  I finally settled on their chicken salad with apples, grapes, dried cranberries, walnuts and greens, and John selected their cheese burger.

My salad was perfect for what I was looking for. Chock full of tasty tender chicken and fruit with great textural contrast with the walnuts.  The greens, served on the side of the salad were dressed with a lemony dressing which contrasted the creamy dressing on the "Waldorf" inspired chicken salad.  As a little surprise, this dish was also served with a few pieces of fresh melon on the side which added to the refreshing nature of the lunch.  I found their portion size to be spot on, and I was delightfully satisfied when finishing.

John's burger was pretty darn tasty as well. Plump and juicy with great flavor it sat nicely sandwiched into the bun with lettuce, bright red tomatoes and onion.  His dish also included a heaping pile of french fries that were fresh, and with a good "real potato" flavor.

I am so glad that I finally returned to The Fireplace. Their is food and fresh and well executed. It features unique combinations and delicious takes on classic ideas.  I look forward to future trips- especially this winter when I can warm up by their roaring fire!  

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Emily said...

I love the fireplace - the ambiance, food, cocktails... all amazing my book. Stinks that Mother's Day wasn't the greatest, but definitely it another try for dinner or a sit-down brunch.

MichellePC said...

I've been dying to check out The Fireplace! Great to know that it's worth the trip.

atuts said...

I live right nearby and have been wanting to check it out! People I've heard from either LOVE it or had terrible experiences there. I am excited to see for myself.

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