Monday, October 4, 2010

Football Night!

Monday night -FOOTBALL Night! In honor of the Pats being in Monday Night Football this evening, I decided to make a "picky" dinner. I made toast pizzas on slices of crispy white bread with fresh mozzarella, a few steak tips to sink our teeth into, shrimp marinated in Ginger paste, soy sauce and garlic chili paste, and served the leftover Fall Panzanella Salad on the side. I love being able to enjoy little bites of different things so this was perfect. Absolutely delicious.

So I thought I'd provide a little update. A few weeks ago I talked about getting up early to get in a workout before work on the days that I know I wont make it to the gym after. I am very happy to report that I have been diligently following this schedule, getting in an intense yoga session or a run before work, and then the days I can hit up the gym I've been getting in good workout. I have to say- I actually feel 100% better about the day on the days I get up bright and early...maybe I'm on to something?

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mmc said...

Yes! Totally! I may be biased, but the early morning workout is the best! Getting into work & knowing you've already gotten it out of the way is such a great feeling - glad you're liking it!

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