Friday, October 22, 2010

Halloween is Coming! Tips from Stop and Shop and Laughs...

Halloween is just over a week away, and I can just tell that kids everywhere are starting to get pumped up for their impending sugar highs (adults too- come on...admit it)!  Store's are overrun with sugary treats, orange and black seem to decorate every corner, and masks fill the aisles.  No mistake about it...the Eve of Fright is right around the corner!

Have you guys ever heard Jerry Seinfeld's thoughts on Halloween?  It may be the funniest thing ever...

Now I'm sure I could dole out some advice to the grown ups in the audience who may be headed off to adult style parties (dress warmly, eat something substantial, bobbing for apples will destroy your make up for the evening), I haven't been trick or treating as a kid in...well a long time.  So I thought I would pass along some tips from Stop and Shop to make this Halloween a success!

·         Get the best boo for your buck: Be sure to check out Stop & Shop’s weekly circular in advance to get the best deals on costumes, candy, decorations and more. This week, Halloween treat bags, pumpkin carving kits and candy pails are all on sale to help get a jump start on the big night!
·         It’s a Monster Mash: Try a few of Stop & Shop’s seasonal favorite recipes like “Spiced Pumpkin Oatmeal Cookies,” or “Frozen Pumpkin Dessert.” Don’t get stuck with the graveyard shift – get a head start on planning your bash now and dodge last-minute prep.
·         Don’t fear the reaper:  When venturing out in the dark, try to carry a flashlight or glow-in-the-dark items, which can be found at Stop & Shop. Some houses have tricky walkways or none at all, which can be dangerous at night. A small flashlight or glow stick will keep you and your family safe and visible!"

It may be obvious but make sure that adults accompany kids out onto busy streets, or non busy streets, and that everyone is dressed appropriately for the weather!

Talking about Halloween reminds me of my favorite October 31 when I was a kid.  I had this ridiculous obsession with She-ra (the warrior princess of course) and I pleaded and pleaded until my parents caved and for me the awesome She-ra outfit, and my dad made me a sword and a shield just like the ones in the cartoon.  I was SO excited- despite the fact that you couldn't see my outfit under my winter coat, and carrying both a shield and a sword made it incredibly difficult to carry a bag for candy too.  It was excellent-until we ran into some kid from the neighborhood who was dressed as He-Man and decided that that made us boyfriend girlfriend for the night!  No thank you!!  She-ra was an independent lady thank you very much!  I'm sure I ran away from the kid, probably crying, straight to my dad- real independent!  Either way...I kept that sword and shield, it was awesome.

What was your favorite Halloween as a kid? 

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Melissa said...

Cute memory! My favorite Halloween memories are from college. It was always a 3 night event and I could never repeat a costume! Best costume was leftovers - i made a tin foil skirt and top. Dressing up is so fun! but when I was a little kid, my dad dressed up as the Cowardly Lion from the Wizard of Oz every year, and while his paws were warm to hold onto, none of the other neighborhood kids' dads dressed up! So embarrassing for a little girl! haha, luckily I've since recovered :)

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