Monday, October 11, 2010

Locally Featured: Burnin' Love Sauces

Throughout the summer, each time I'd stop by the Dewey Square farmers market, I would see a cheerful sign displaying the words Burnin' Love Sauces.  I continuously felt drawn to the booth, but for whatever reason, denied my curiosity time after time.  Fate stepped in however, and last Saturday I found myself face to face with the table once again at the Boston Local Food Festival.  There it was, the beckoning sign, and now I saw, up close and personal, the even more cheerful and friendly owners who manned the stand.  I couldn't resist spending a few moments chatting with them, and, of course-checking out their product!

I had a couple of tastes of both their Heartbreak Sauce and their 1919 Barbecue sauce and fell in love with both- the Heartbreak sauce for it front of the mouth sweetness that fades into a back of the throat sting of heat, and the 1919 Barbecue sauce, molasses based and full of that smokey sweetness.  These sauces are truly delicious and add a really unique twist to any number of dishes.  For example- I made sloppy Joe's from the Heartbreak sauce-and the result was a tangy and sweet goodness, full of flavor and even pretty good for me since I used turkey meat and the sauces made by Burnin' Love are all gluten free!  Be sure to check out the Burnin' Love Sauces website and Facebook page for more recipes, and as I continue my experimentation I'll post more as well!

So what is the story behind Burnin' Love Sauces?  Husband and wife team, Gregg and JoAnn, made their first batch for sale in March, 2010.  During just the past six months they have grown to be carried in 15 stores, as well as several farmers markets.  Though the official company has just reached its six month mark, JoAnn and Gregg are no strangers to the food industry.  Gregg, a chef for the past 20 years, and Joanne with her own restaurant industry experience are the perfect team to apply to our senses and deliver a quality, fresh, healthy product.

Currently Burnin' Love Sauces offer just the two types, but I am thrilled for their next releases to come out- first: the one I think I will be eating far too much of- "Torch-ered Heartbreak". This will be a spicier version of their original Heartbreak- and I cannot wait to check it out!  The second new flavor they are hoping to launch soon (think end of this month or early November) is "Sweet Onion Blues"- a mix of blueberries and onions that Gregg and JoAnn are loving on red meats and as an enhancer on cheese plates.  

I think that the idea of "Sweet Onion Blues" is really what I love about Burning Love Sauces- their flavors are not only creative, but really fun.  Joanne and Gregg are able to keep a playful attitude, not just in their product names, but in their combinations, and in their own attitudes- honest- go find these guys at a farmers market- they are hysterical!  My final note of love for Burnin' Love- though I don't believe the lovin' ever stops- they are wholehearted supporters of local food themselves and are always looking for new ways to incorporate local farms produce into their product line.

Delicious, healthful, local, fun and friendly- are you lovin' Burnin' Love Sauces yet?

(more photo's to follow-somehow my upload feature isn't so happy today!)    

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Delicious Dishings said...

It's so much fun discovering locally made products. Thanks for sharing about these sauces.

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