Thursday, October 14, 2010

Have You Heard the News??

Our own beloved Kickass Cupcakes is turning THREE this month and they are throwing quite the party to celebrate! Owner/Chef Sara Ross is giving back to you, the awesome fans of Kickass Cupcakes, by giving THREE lucky winners free cupcakes and gelato for a YEAR!  That's right people- free for a YEAR. Now you know what that means - you can celebrate all year long by checking out her awesome cupcakes!  Celebrate the fall with her limited edition Caramel Apple, or get cozy in the winter with a Cookie Dough Cupcake.  Kick off Baseball season with their Limited Edition Green Monster Cupcake (my favorite) and celebrate the long summer months with a S'more Cupcake.  Then there's all the gelato to cool off with!  This is one great prize- and it's going to THREE lucky people!!!

So how will those lucky people be chosen??  Sara Ross has asked for you, the people of this great city, to nominate who YOU think deserves the title of "Kickass Bostonian"!  Who makes your day just a little bit better?  Who keeps you running when you're feeling sluggish? Is it that guy who hands you your Metro each morning with a smile?  The lady at Dunks who makes your coffee right every day?  Maybe it's that person in your office who always makes sure that your reports are in order?  Or maybe it's just someone you think totally "kicks ass"!  

So narrow it down and nominate your person between October 1 and 31 (details) and on November 1st Sara Ross will select her winners!  

So go- now!- and nominate!  That person who tutors your kids deserves a cupcake!!!!

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