Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Alchemist, Waterbury, VT

This has been such a lovely long weekend and a great start to the winter season! I am such a snow freak and I was wishing for snow up here ever since the mini vacation got planned. I had no idea it would snow every day! Each time I taken a walk, or looked out the window small little flakes have been swirling, and I have been delighted! I occasionally act like a small child, clapping and giddy, I have definitely been doing that all weekend!

I have also had some pretty tasty food a long the way! The best thing about having friends to visit outside of your city is that they always know the best spots for food! Last night my friend Ryan suggested that we head to The Alchemist for dinner located in Waterbury, VT. Such a cool brewpubs with 7 of their own taps flowing with tasty beer creations! Figuring that after this weekend I will be eating basically rabbit food to make up for the amount of cheese I've consumed, I decided to go strong one last time and I got the smoked pulled pork sandwich served on a fresh roll with coleslaw and a lovely slice of cheddar cheese. I had originally thought I could tackle this beast of a sandwich with my hands, but as barbecue sauce started to drip out with the very first bite, I quickly reconsidered. After removing the top bun I enjoyed all of the lovely pork with my fork and knife and saved myself a lot of embarrassment. The pork had amazing smoke flavor, the kind that reminded me of some amazing pulled pork I had in the remote western part of North Carolina last year. If nothing else, North Carolina where it borders Tennessee knows it's 'cue. The Alchemist's version featured the same great smoke, and with the addition of the coleslaw it had that amazing combination of cream and spice from the barbecue sauce. The texture from the cabbage blended perfectly with the soft meat. The only down point I did notice was that the pork was a bit dry in spots. The sauces did their best to make up for it, but the meat definitely had some toughness that was slightly displeasurable.

Overall though all of us diners enjoyed the meal, and the brews...I'm sure it's a place that I would frequent if I lived a bit closer!

A bit of housekeeping- I recently had the extreme honor of being nominated for the title of Boston's Best Blogger. I am so thankful to even be nominated, and astounded at the support. If I could ask you, voting opened yesterday, and I would greatly appreciate your vote! Please click on this link http://boston.cityvoter.com/a-boston-food-diary-blog/biz/586604 and vote for me if you have a minute or two. Thank you so much!

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Young and Fabulous said...

I Love vermont!! such an amazing place to go to.

congrats on Boston's Best Blogger nomination!! that's amazing!!

xoxo follow my blog!

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