Tuesday, November 23, 2010

What Wine Will You Serve on Thanksgiving?

Earlier today I was sent an email outlining the best wines to be served with your Thanksgiving meal.  I thought that the article was funny and cute, if not completely true so I thought that today, this day before the day before Thanksgiving- I would post it for your reading pleasure.

From The Center for Wine Origins:

"The Risk-Taker

 You serve tofu to your carnivore-loving family.   Ease their shock with
Champagne,  a non-dosage Brut Nature. Its dry flavors will match the
vegetarian fare, and lighten the mood.

The Traditionalist

You are the Martha Stewart of Thanksgiving and need a wine that goes
with your style.   Unlike your unpredictable sibling, the Risk-Taker,
you believe in  traditions: turkey, cranberry sauce, stuffing, sweet
potatoes and pumpkin pie.  Your wine is a  Tawny Port; approved by
Pilgrims for  classic pumpkin pie...

The Last-Minute Panicker

You wait until the last minute to get your food in the oven. Dinner is
an hour behind schedule. You need distraction tactics to calm the
ravenous guests. They will thank you for  a White Port and Tonic
aperitif with salted seasonal nuts.

The Nervous Wreck

You will face the future in-laws.  Matching socks: check.  Conversation
cheat sheet: Check.   A gift for your in-laws? You need  Grand Cru
Champagne.  It will make a great impression and pair well with any
mother's Thanksgiving spread.

The Perfectionist

 You are (in)famous for being the host who insists on "Thanksgiving
Dinner Rehearsals". Your meal must be  perfect.  It's a fact of life
that pecan pie tastes best  with a smooth Port.  Just make sure it's
served perfectly, at  room temperature.

The Glutton aka Pig Out aka Turkey Coma

You are the dream guest. Happy to eat, drink and enjoy. All hosts are
thankful for your delight in food. Just show your gratitude and bring
them special wine: a genuine Port from Portugal and an authentic
Champagne from France."

Hope you got as much of a chuckle from that as I did!  It also served to remind of what tasty wines pair with the lovely bird we will all soon be dining on...mmm   

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Delicious Dishings said...

I'm guessing I'm a little bit of the perfectionist and a little bit of a glutton. Champagne sounds better to me than port though!

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