Monday, November 22, 2010

Thanksgiving = Reunions

It always happens...the week before Thanksgiving renders great

reunions. Tonight was not exception. I met up with a few guys that I
went to college with that I honestly haven't seen, in one room, in
years. Of course good times were had, laughs were had, and perhaps a
few drinks...but even more, we had some great food.

We met at Coppa which i have not been shy about saying how much I
love, and what a meal we had! Duck Prosciutto, delicious broccoli
rapi, chicken with beautifully cooked broccoli, and of course the best
arancini in Boston. Amazing stuff over there. I have to say-every
time I go, I love it more.

Even better- tonight I realized that Formaggio Kitchen South End is
located basically across the street. I have decided that that place
is the awesome-est place ever- of course, if you're a food lover. I
bought all sorts of fun food ingredients that I have no idea what to
do with, but I can't wait to try them out in all sorts of delicious creations.  Stay tuned.

Ok... I have a ton else to tell you all about-but for tonight- CHEERS for

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