Friday, November 5, 2010

Pinkberry Open on Newbury St, and thoughts from Ron Graves, President and CEO

Refreshing, light, fun, fresh...and delicious!

Last night, in the midst of hundreds of happy yogurt seekers, I had the opportunity to chat with Ron Graves, the President and CEO of Pinkberry, Boston's newest tart frozen yogurt purveyor.  They are entering the Massachusetts area, after many yogurt shops have opened before them, with the state of mind that though they are not the first in the area, they are the best.

So what makes them confident?  Graves was specific- their ingredients are the freshest possible, and their flavors and taste are the best out there.  Pinkberry spends the time each day to clean and prepare fresh fruit for their toppings, they offer the best dry ingredient toppings they can find from Belgium chocolate, to all natural granola.  Pinkberry believes that these little extra efforts go a long way- and they do.  It doesn't stop with their toppings though, Ron Graves was passionate
about the entire product line explaining that all of their yogurts are made from the freshest ingredients possible, and they work hard to come up with unique flavor combinations utilizing more fresh fruit.  They have 6 flavors all year round, with one as a rotating seasonal variety.  Currently they have a very delicious pumpkin flavor, accented by graham crackers, a dusting of cinnamon and bursts of their swirly whip- as they say "it's pumpkin pie in a cup!". Over the summer though, and I am so sad we missed it here in Boston, they featured a watermelon flavor which combined fresh watermelon, their signature yogurt and even cucumber to create an incredibly fresh flavor, perfect for those hot summer days.  I am certainly hoping that that one comes back next summer!  

It isn't just the flavors or the toppings though, Graves was very clear that one of the aspects that they are most proud of their product is the taste of it.  Pinkberry has a very fresh taste to it, it doesn't have the flavor of chemicals, or the lingering mouth feel of them, or of that heavy coating of cream.  Pinkberry is light, and they strive to continue to exemplify that as the main attribute- a tasty treat, light on the palate.  It is also light on the waist band- a fat free treat weighing in at only 100 calories per 1/2 cup- this is one easy dessert (snack? breakfast?) to eat without any guilt!

Pinkberry is now open in Hingham and on Newbury Street in Boston, with another location to be opening in Harvard Square, Cambridge soon. They are entering the region with a splash, and a well deserved one.  If you have a chance, stop on by and check them out! 


MelissaNibbles said...

I want to try it. I've heard a lot of bad things about Pinkberry that even though it doesn't take like fake chemicals, it's just that...fake chemicals. I've also read that it has a laxative effect on a lot of people.

Not saying I won't still eat it...

Boston Food Diary said...

Great thoughts Melissa! I wonder if the FAQ page for Pinkberry would help?

HC816 said...

It sounds of both worlds. Frozen yogurt and fresh fruit sounds tasty!! Lucky there is a Pinkberry near me like the best.

Simply Life said...

Ooh I didn't know about this place - thanks for the info it sounds great!

Also, nice meeting you today! :)

Goose T said...

I'm so excited that Pinkberry has finally landed in Boston. Pinkberry might not be as creamy as Red Mango(Natick Collection) & a little tart but it's smoother than Red Mango, not as cold. In my opinion Pinkberry is the best yogurt place around.

Julie Dennehy said...

There's a Pinkberry opening at Linden Square in Wellesley in a few weeks, if you live/work in the Metrowest/Rt. 9 area!

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