Thursday, November 11, 2010

Anna's Taqueria Celebrates 15 Years!

That's right- that little chain of burritos that has somehow attracted an almost cult like following is celebrating their 15th Anniversary!  That means that for 15 years Anna's has been serving up burritos, tacos, quesadillas and the like to the hungry people of Boston.  It also means that Anna's is including you, their faithful customers and fans in their celebrations!

Image courtesy of Anna's Taqueria
Every 15th of the month, between now and July 2011 (hint- Monday is a 15th) Anna's will be giving away complimentary treats to their customers!  These offerings may include items such as chips and salsa, perhaps an authentic Mexican coffee, a taco, or a fountain drink.  Anna's urges you to follow them on Facebook (Anna’s Taqueria) or on Twitter (@annasboston) for more information about these great giveaways!  Personally-I'm pulling for some guacamole- but then...when am I NOT pulling for some guacamole?

Image courtesy of Anna's Taqueria
That isn't the only celebration going on though!  As I said before, Anna's has an almost cult like following, and so of course, almost every person I know has an incredible story about how much they LOVE Anna's.  Maybe it got them through the late nights of college, or it was a place of bonding with their significant other, or it was their solace through the tough matter what- everyone seems to have a story.  Anna's wants to hear your stories!  Submit your entry for how Anna's has positively impacted your life and you could be entered to win a party featuring Anna's burritos for 50 of your nearest and dearest!  To enter, and for more details please go to:

Great celebration of a Boston favorite- Happy 15th Anna's!

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Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Anna’s My the next 15th be even better.

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