Monday, November 8, 2010

Tatte, Fine Cookies and Cakes, Brookline, MA

It's a quiet little store front.  Tucked into a strip of stores lining Beacon Street just as you cross over from Brookline to Boston, lies a small cafe, seating just a few in a few small tables inside, and a few small tables outside.  The inside, bright and airy even in it's cramped space, boasts little artwork, but is instead decorated with the beautiful pastries that are so artfully crafted there.  Tatte Bakery, specializing in fine cookies and cakes, exemplifies a true small business, and the passion that is innate to them.

I visited on a bitterly cold Sunday morning, itching to get some writing done over a steaming cup of good coffee with perhaps a sweet treat to savor as I worked.  Surrounded by chain coffee stores that lack that "sit down and relax" vibe to them that I was desperately craving, I meandered over to the St. Mary's T stop on the C line, and entered the inviting warmth of Tatte.  I placed my order for a medium latte, and for a lovely looking pastry called a Hazelnut Rose which the lady behind the counter offered to warm for me.  I was rewarded with a light airy pastry, eluding images of beautiful rose buds by its shape, but the flavor was so much more.  Hazelnuts studded the top of the rose, while inside lay a doughy texture, enhanced by hazelnut paste and hints of cinnamon.  The flavors of yeast, butter and the nuts mingled into a wonderful symphony, and, with a sip of my latte with extra stiff foam, I felt transported to Paris, with the leisure time to relax over such wonderful delicacies.

Reading the story of Tatte it comes as no surprise that the pastries conjure up such feelings of warmth and comfort.  The owner weaves a beautiful story that, to me, embodies all of the beauty that is cooking.  She tells of her childhood, the happiness that she experienced in her mother's kitchen, and then as she continues she speaks of the joy that comes with making a present for a loved one and having that gift received with gratitude.  What is cooking, or baking really, if it isn't to share the warmth and love of your own kitchen?  

Tatte is a beautiful spot in which to relax, to catch up with friends, or to try to meet a deadline.  I can assure you that sitting within the confines of their walls, a smile will take over your soul, as their coffee warms you from the inside out.

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Anonymous said...

Nothing sounds better on a Sunday morning than a good cup of coffee and a yummy pastry. It sounds like a place you can bring the Sunday paper or a good book and site there for hours. You make it feel like a small get away, for just a little while.

Alicia said...

I've traveled past this bakery countless times, but have never heard anything about it until now. Thanks for covering it!

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